TSN Coverage for Cats/Argos at BMO press release.

Lots of coverage tomorrow from BMO. Nice to see Bell/TSN going all out .

[url=http://www.bellmedia.ca/pr/press/from-tailgate-to-gridiron-cfl-on-tsn-is-all-hands-on-deck-for-the-season-opener-featuring-toronto-argonauts-vs-the-hamilton-tiger-cats-live-from-bmo-field-beginning-tomorrow-at-5-p-m-et/]http://www.bellmedia.ca/pr/press/from-t ... -5-p-m-et/[/url]

Yes they are going to be giving the Argos excellent coverage all season long .
I am from BC here whish we had owners like this. We will soon David Braily is going to be selling the team by the end of next season for sure.

It is great. For the Argos and the CFL.

Just sorry that James Duthie is involved. He is the worst. :thdn:


I dont get what people want from a football game.

I go there to watch football and i get exactly that every time i go. I dont get what a different owner can do about fairweather vancouverites who would rather bandwagon jump then support the local teams.

A lot of time what kills it for fans is other fans. You get the NFL guy two rows back making CFL jokes all game i dont know how many times ive been to a game and hear the "its high school football LOL" every time a nice play happens, "man what a weak punt in the NFL....LOL" every time there a punt.

Thats why ive said always if the CFL wants to grow in a market thats become Seahawks bandwagoners big time, you need to prove THE CFL IS NOT BELOW THE NFL. Whether it takes an exhibition game of us schooling them at canadian rules football or what but they really need to start putting out there that the CFL is not some NFL minor league and that at any time we can beat NFL teams at canadian rules handily. Attendance would be 50,000 a night overnight

Once people see how exciting jennings is and we pull off a win against calgary attendance will go way up.

Was just two years ago we had a preseason game of 27,000 and 3 home games over 30,000

Hope that happens.

Speculate please. How many sell outs of 27,500 will it take to open the upper deck ?

I'm sure he'll sell soon and all be great again in the CFL. :?

All I am saying is that going to a football game is not about getting there sitting in your seat and watching the game , it is about the experience inside and outside the stadium . all successful teams in the CFL NFL Canadian and American collages university's all do this you have to keep up with the times. Football atmosphere is the most important thing not always winning and losing.

David Braley is a cancer on the league

The game is on regular ole ESPN, here in The States. I thought all the games were supposed to be on either ESPN2 or ESPN3.


That's a positive. Now, let's just hope for a GREAT game!!!!!!!!!

I thought this game was on ESPNEWS in the USA (with the NBA Draft or the main ESPN?)

NBA draft is on ESPN right now. Baseball on ESPN2.

Upon further inspection, it is Espn News.

It says ESN on my display. :smiley:

Totally agree with this statement.

Lucky. I don't have ESPNews so I have to wait until tomorrow to watch the replay on ESPN3.