TSN coverage and announcers

Was the game that bad that Chris Cuthbert and the other joker had to spend endless hours talking about anything but the game. TSN needs to have better camera angles and better more knowledgeable announcers if they want to broadcast. These guys are a joke!

Sorry DR but the game was the joke today. I usually like these annoucers but today it was brutal to watch and Dunnigan was the only story worth telling besides the depressing QB situation on both teams

The game may have been a joke, but Suitor and company have no respect for the fans. They ramble on and on about the same thing, completely ignoring what is taking place on the field. The only way to watch a game on TSN is with the mute button ready for action.

there was absolutely nothing wrong with todays telecast.

Whenever the Argos are not playing the Toronto Sports Network will downplay the efforts of every team in the CFL.
Whenever the Argos are playing the Toronto Sports Network will do the play by play as if the Argos are the only team on the field.
I wish the CFL would allow the TSN gang to present the Grey Cup to the Argos before the season starts and get it over with. Perhaps they could include the CFL officials in the presentatiion. That would probably make the season profitable for them all.

The game was a joke and the coverage was a joke and the crapy Cats dont deserve to be in the playoffs, and Iam soaked. :x

Nothing wrong with the telecast. Are you sure you watched it. First the missed lots of plays. Sometimes due to commercials, sometimes cause they were talking about something other then the game, and third cause instead of telecasting the game they showed some guy on the sidelines playing with a football. Give me a break. Its the game i want to see, not the joke TSN puts on.

The technical side left a lot to be desired. Usually TSN has a much better produced game. That said the announcers had ZERO to work with and I've seen much worse on Monday Night Football in all honesty. They are hardly the only ones to ignore a crappy game and start trying to BE the entertainment. Every big league has seen broadcasts like that, at least these guys did it during a brutal game as opposed to the side shows I've seen on a regular basis during exciting games from the states.

I had no problems with it, either. The Duingan jersey outbreak was pretty funny. :wink:

Congrats to Matt and all the other inductees. The ceremony at halftime seemed a litte on-the-fly, but the memories of the highlight footage were a real treat!

Oski Wee Wee,

I usually think that TSN does a pretty good job....and while today's performance may have been a little sub par...it's still better than the crap that CBC does.

Also....just an observation...does anyone else think that Dunigan had more than a handful of beers in him when he was talking to Suitor and Cuthbert in the booth?


Hall of Fame weekend = great former football players + friends and families + plenty of wrist exercises with frosted mugs by same.

I'm sure we can cut Matty some slack on his big weekend :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

You'd have to be drunk to smile throughout THAT game :lol:

Not a thing wrong with that at all....big weekend for Matt, and I would expect him to enjoy himself. Just wondered if anyone else noticed was all..... :thup:


I was thinking that Dunigan was a bit cut myself, but then I thought, SO WHAT! He deserves to have fun this weekend. Besides he had the day off from the panel.

By the way, nice tribute to Matt the rest of the TSN crew did.