TSN Could Do Better

TSN does a great job broadcasting the CFL, but they could do even better.

Case in point: Friday’s game betwen Hamilton and BC. It was a great game, exciting and undecided til the 4th quarter. But within ten seconds of the game ending, TSN has signed off. Just a quick ‘good night’ and they were gone. Why? To join their five hour long SportsCentre show. Now, nothing against SportsCentre…but I would have liked to see some post-game interviews. Hamilton’s Cobb and Johnson played flawlessly the whole night, and it would have been great to see what they had to say afterwards.

Couldn’t the long SportsCentre have waited an extra five minutes so we could get a bit of post-game stuff? It wouldn’t have hurt to extend the CFL broadcast a bit longer. And this should always be the case.

Other than that, TSN does a great job of bringing the CFL to us…way to go!

Because... Once again.. Toronto was embarrassed by Hamilton.. not really a highlight n their minds, and Toronto...wasn't even playing tonight!!!

They had to switch off fast because all of Canada was waiting breathlessly for the latest Toronot Blue Jays/ Roy Halliday news.
And for those baseball highlights from Minnesota and Anaheim! And I myself find those sacrifice fly highlights really exciting.

They could have a half hour post game game show. It's not a huge deal, turn on the radio and most teams have a hour post game show. They still do a half hour pre game show and they show every game.


If I'm not mistaken, the post game stuff is the SportsCenter show.

Yes, they do the postgame stuff in the Sportscentre show with Schultzy and the guys and I think postgame interviews of the CFL games during Sportscentre show. I think the CFL is usually the first thing shown on Sportscentre even above the Blue Jays (and thank god because for some reason the Blue Jays don't turn my crank, this Halliday thing like man, I don't care but then I'm not much of a baseball fan have to admit and I know a lot of the rest of Canada don't care about the Blue Jays).

I don't even know what time the game ended last night. Did it run over? I don't know, I didn't look at my watch.

But what surprised me was Thursday night, when the game ended it was about 11:50pm (ET). CFL Football was scheduled until 12. But rather than just talking about the game for the rest of the time, like they used to do in that situation, they went right to SportsCentre, ten minutes EARLY! :? I don't get that.

The TORONTO Argonauts got a post game show

Yeah. They'll start off with the highlights, and then sometimes go back to Chris Cuthbert and Glenn Suiter for a couple minutes, or they'll talk to the panel.

Personally, I don't see the need for a big post game show.

....exposure my man.....the more they're talking bout ya, the better....It should be no surprise this league gets short-changed...tsn could do better...just my opinion...

Because their game was followed by Nascar, not Sportscentre.
With nothing else to cut to, they just filled time to the top of the hour.

And did you see what the lead story was on SportsCentre, the Jays not trading Halliday, but trading Rolen.
A good 10-15 minutes post game is required and to include the panel and on field interviews. Even though they are taped and shown for later consumption.

Ever watch the NFL? Virtually nothing after their late afternoon games or night games. If the NFL doesn't see any benefits with their billion $ media machine, odds are good there isn't significant money or benefit beyond what sportcentre does. That being said, I would like a 10 or 15 minute wrap but I don't expect it.

I do not appriciate a review of baseball on what is supposed to be the CFL half time shot. There is plenty of baseball news. When it is a football game TSN should stick to football!

I have no problem with them not going over their scheduled time with post-game stuff.

I have no problem with them not scheduling a post-game show.

But during the three-hour time slot in which they are supposed to be showing CFL football, if the game ends early, fill the rest of the slot talking about the game! It's never more than ten minutes. For crying out loud, even I could talk about a football game for ten minutes, and I don't have the instant stats that these guys do.

People who want to watch SportsCentre but don't care about the CFL won't be tuning in until the top of the hour anyway, and then they get there and find they're ten minutes into the show, and already talking about sports no one cares about.

I hate the sports update during halftime as well. That's garbage. I'm tuning in to see half time commentary from the CFL panel not what some 4th line hockey player just signed a $3 million contract in Nashville.
Who friggin' cares. TSN should just change its name to the NHL network.
Its sickening

You got that right Bump. Or talk about a Yankees game like it's the second coming of the Almighty, I just turn the channel with 4th line centre talk as you say or baseball talk that is way overboard. There needs to be more in depth CFL stuff.

Uh, guys, every sports station does that. It's no big deal. It takes up what, 90 seconds? Oh my God! I really don't understand the issue you guys have, and I find it more irritating than you guys find TSN showing Yankees highlights during halftime of a CFL game. So what if they show Yankees highlights. Do you honestly want them to play 3 straight hours of nothing but CFL? Should the commercials even include CFL players and coaches? TSN is a SPORTS station, which means they cover ALL sports, and that includes baseball.

I'm amazed at how people are whining... what more do you want from TSN? They broadcast the games, have a panel discuss games pre-game and at halftime, do sportscenter spots , advertise the upcoming games-- and people still want more. If they do the Kick for a Million thing again, what more publicity can they possibly give for the league? TSN is doing a good job covering the league, IMO.. give them a break.. its called the SPORTS Network for a reason.. they cover all sports, wether you happen to like them or not... its seems that some here want it to become the CFL network.. if you can find stories on this league to fill the network 24/7, more power to you...