TSN contests limited to only Canadians?

How come whenever I watch CFL games on ESPN3, I never hear an American being announced as a winner in their contest?

I eat, drink and breathe CFL football too. What gives?

I watch wheel of furtune every day, but I dont get to win 50,000 from sony. What gives?

We can't win American Contest Eather

so it's fair

hmm. are you trying to say either, or ether?? :wink:

You're kidding me on censoring the South Park reference, right? It's related to the Wheel of Fortune comments.

Hell, I'm in Canada and I can't win most of the contests either because they're from chains that don't exist in the Maritimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is normal. The contest makers aim it at a certain area and only comply with laws for those area. If you watch American shows, most contests aren't open to Canadians for the same reason.

Many contests aren't open to residents of Qu├ębec either. And even down here in the states there are certain states (R.I. being one IIRC) that are excluded from some national contests.