According to TSN our Nick Setta shouldn't have been rookie of the east according to them Drew of Montreal should

TSN announcers are Idiots..Who cares what they think...

8) It was TSN colour analyst and TiCat hater, Glen Suitor that started up this topic during last nights Mtl vs Wpg game !!! Suitor is a pathetic excuse for a commentator !!! He did not personally knock Setta, but did say that he should not have been the Eastern nominee for rookie of the year !!!!

I have to agree with them.

I can see where Suitor's coming from but I'd say it's pretty much impossible to compare a position player like a DB with a placekicker. Both have their challenges and demands and both Drew and Setta met them this year. Both were standouts on their teams but I think Setta was more valuable on a team that couldn't score TDs. Nod to Setta.

An Argo-Cat fan

Thanks for my laugh of the day, Tipper!!

Suitor a TiCat hater...........LOL

This is the same Suitor that the Bomber fans were all up in arms about for being so pro-Hamilton during the game where Lumsden and Armour et al destroyed Winnipeg.

Geez, get a grip.

If Marcel had found a few more players like Randy Drew his job wouldn't be on the line.

Nick's job is way more stressful and has a greater impact to a team. But rookie? Hasn't he been in pro-ball since 2004?

As long as its his first year in the CFL he's a rookie.....

but then why isnt Moreno a rookie?

He is a CFL rookie...

It's simple. Setta is not only the Eastern Rookie of the year , he should be the league Rookie of the year. The kicking game is extremly important in the CFL. Nick handled all the Kicking duties for the Cats, and was consistant all year long , emerging arguably as the best at his position in the league.

CFL Rookie yes but not eligable for rookie of the year

its actually got to be your first pro year...

none of this 28 year old 9 year pro in another league Zetterberg type garbage.

If you've played in the NFL or NFL-E you're not eligible for rookie of they year i believe.

Cam Wake should be rookie of the year. Setta has represented us well though.