TSN comentator's stats all wrong

im watching the hamilton/toronto game on tsn, and fleming hits a punt, it goes approx. 35 yard from LOS (where its marked from the start to where the ball initially lands on the field) and then bounces and rolls another 30 yards downfield, and the commentators call it a "66 yard punt". err. accually its a 35 yard punt + the bounce(which isnt statisticly recorded). why do we have these people who dont even know some of the rules of football calling the play-by-play to the intire country? idiots. if they counted the bounce/roll then i've kicked a 106 yard punt last season. (techinically 77 yard, rolled from the kick at my 5 into a yard into the other endzone where it stopped), but of course this isnt statisticly right, but according to the tsn comentator crew thats what the rules are.

IDIOTS! :lol:

Stats on the live pbp page have Fleming with a 67 yarder, and Prefontaine with a 60 yarder.....so the commentators are not the only ones who phrase it that way.

Yep, Novia Scotia surely won't get a team now that their fans insist on showing they know nothing about football...

well, get newer staticians, or did they change the ruling in the last 20 minutes? because as far as the written rules go, they are completely wrong :frowning:

They write the rules. As far as I'm concerd, if it's still in bounds and moving forward, that's + yards and should be counted.

put me in the record books then fellas, i kickeda 106 yard punt :lol:

The roll does count on a punt. Always has. How are you a punter without being aware of that?

yo, i checked that up, you boys are right (lol, silly me :expressionless: ) so yes, once i get the vhs copy of my highschool game from last october against cole harbour highschool (from halifax) and see it, i believe if its over 83 yards (canadian record) which it most certainly is, then i have at least the canadian record for the longest punt, dunno what the world record is tho. man i had no idea hahahah :expressionless:

Keep it up kiddo, and you could be the next Lui. :slight_smile:

You do realise the 14 yards behind the LOS dont count?


they count the bounce!

isn't that negative yards?


the ball is going BEHIND the LOS, thenfore behind the kicker, and going the opposite direction, so would that be foe negative yards? (if there is a thing like that in Football)

How in the hell does a kicker kick the ball if it goes behind him?

Your guess is as good as mine.

KK, you are the one who said the ball goes behind the kicker…he can’t possibly kick the ball if it goes past him…what in tarnation did you mean?

The ball is always snapped behind the LOS
if the line of scrimage is the 15 the punter always stands on the 1 yard line 14 yards behind the LOS.

If the punt is recieved on the 50 it is a 35 yard punt not a 49 yard punt because the 14 yards behind the LOS do not count!

Ok, I get it now, and I know that if the punt goes OB behind the LOS, its a penalty, and they do over the punt.

didn't understand what Ro said.