TSN Color Guys Are Stale - Time For A Change

Subjects are going to be about the Semi's , or at least they should be in the coming days.

So, I wanted to bring this up.
I was watching the Stamps - Lions B squad game.
There was a clip of Huf stating that the reason to win the game was because " that is what we do "

Glen Suitor mentioned how he got goose bumps and gave Huf a one man standing O because of it.
???????? :roll: :?
I do not get it , but while thinking about it another thought came about.

The TSN color guys have become stale.

I know it will not happen , but I think it would be a nice refresh if there was a job swap.
How about Suitor, and Forde become the new panel with Dunigan while Climie , Shultz and Stegall become new color guys.

I am used to these guys , but it is time for a broadcast change.

Also, Suitor has been doing a great job for 20 years. How could he not be bored with it now ?

Fire Forde and Black, bring in 2 new guys to replace them and switch up the pairings. Maybe the staleness comes from almost always working with the same guy.

I wouldn't want to see Schultz doing colour. He's good on the panel because he fills a role, as a former lineman, and gives a perspective that Dunnigan (QB) and Climie (receiver) don't. Dunnigan is a little over the top as Colour man for me. I like his enthusiasm when he does a game but I think it's something I would tire of very quickly if he was a regular. Much like a Pierre MacGuire. Keep him as a fill in and give him a game a month just to mix things up.

Overall, with the exception of dumb and dumber (Forde and Black), the CFL announcing team is pretty good.

I would like to see Gord Miller and Cuthbert do all the play by play. They need to ditch Black. Forde should be hired by the CFL for football development as he seems to know not only all the Canadian college players, but most of the top Canadian high school football players as well.
Once Nik Lewis retires, they should bring him on in some capacity. He would livin things up.

TSN doesn't have to go too far, just bring up somebody from TSN radio. I listen on line to the guys in Winnipeg, they do a great job!

they have been mixing it up lately

I would be happy if dunigan and Schultz were on the panel for the rest of my life. I don’t mind climie either although I think he does best as host.

I used to like suitor, but this year he is starting to get to me. I find I disagree a lot with his view of plays as they are, or maybe should be, reviewed.

I like dunigan in the booth and twice a week would be fine with me. I didn’t notice him at all this weekend. Made it seem like something is missing. Dunigan is real. He sticks to the game and doesn’t pander to anybody. Its refreshing when he will even tell his booth buddy when he is wrong about something.

As for the idea of being stale, I would have loved if Lancaster was still alive and had never left the booth.

Maybe Suitor could replace milt on the panel and dunigan switches between panel and booth.

jock, suitor, dunigan and Schultz for the regular panel

Gord, Cris, and replacement for rod black doing play by play

Keep Forde on color as it would be hard to find more than one other guy right away to do decent color

let Glen and Matt alternate as third color guy

Now you have my approval.

I think they should let Farhan into the booth . He's another guy with extensive knowledge of Canadian college players and the CFL in general.

Put Farhan in the studio to replace Smith.

Dead air would be far more intelligent than Forde. Just because you know the game (and Forde does know the game) doesn't translate into a good or even decent colour commentator. Forde in front of a microphone is a disaster.

All valid view points.

As a long time viewer of the CFL, I remember that the play by play guys were around a long time , but color guys would change.

This was due to just moving on to something else. I remember how refreshing it was every few years a new guy would be in.

As these people have been covered in other threads , no need for me to mention names to make my point.

I will say, I was happy in 2008 when Chris Walby turned down an offer from TSN to be the #2 color guy when Danny Mac left.

That is when the hired Forde. I had enough of Walby after 10 years.

Take Rod Black out of the picture completely.

Move Duane Forde into a panel/analyst role.

Phase out Jock.

Have Gord and Matt become the primary No. 2 game combo.

Since a third game combo is needed, do something really radical and put one of the smart young women on play by play -- Kate, Natasha or Jennifer. With Stegall or someone completely new on colour.

Heh, I kind of miss Walby, though I would suggest he'd be better suited to being part of the studio panel instead of being in the booth.

But I agree that mixing up the colour guys would be nice, or even add a third member for FNF games or something like that. Would probably be wise to more strongly integrate social media into broadcasts somehow, too.

agree 100 % with dcmoses "Forde" knows the game but listening to him is painful, he's boring and dry and to add to it they pair him with Rod black

Never considered this option and I don't know why. The panel is the perfect spot for Forde. He is horrible as a colour man. Has no feel for how to compliment his partner (even when not with Black) or the game. However, he does know the game well and would likely be excellent on the panel.

I’ve lost count how many times Forde had to correct or point Black to correcting himself this season. Sometimes Forde does not even know where to go with Black’s “bad info”.

The quality problems with TSN aren’t just the talking heads. There is a lack of funding, innovation, creativity. The only guy I enjoy listening to right now is Milt. Fun, Cordial, high energy guy who speaks his mind. Suitor I"m tired of his preaching style. Matt who we see less and less of has been struggling, likely health related. Climie is like watching paint dry. Same with Lapolice.

Forde's a wealth of knowledge and he can be a bit dry, but I have to agree in that he's definitely hamstrung working with Rod Black. Misinformation, talking about the NFL, and silly nicknames are all Black is good for and none of that helps the CFL's profile and is likely a detriment. Any changes that are made should see him as the first to go.

I like Dunigan's enthusiasm on colour but that energy often causes him to get names and some other details wrong. But clearly he's a fan of the game which can be infectious. He's come a long way IMO from when he first did colour a couple years ago; a little more smoothing out of the edges and he could be a really good commentator IMO.

I think one of the problems is that with only 4 games a week, the same pair can end up doing 2 games each per week. Mixing it up a bit more regularly and adding another voice or two can go a long way towards refreshing the product.

Just hire some Mexican commentators and get them to learn our game. You will never have a more boisterous combo.
Watching Mexican footy league is most enjoyable just because of them.

Far stretch, but yeah

Precisely. Like most, Rod Black irritates me too, but for the rest of the announcers for the most part it's "him again??" by now.

Keep the guys you have if you must, just toss us some variety from time to time.