TSN...Clymie etc...

Anyone watch the TSN panel last night? I only caught bits of it.
Was I hearing things or was Jock Clymie being nasty with Randorf and Dunegan. Was Dunegan taking extra shots at Clymie?
From what I caught it sounded like really bad blood between them.

I watched the game on TSN last night (THANK GOD I didn't bother using my tickets for this horror show). Anyway, I didn't see any bad blood amongst the panelists - they were too busy making fun of and laughing at the Pee Wee team masquerading as a pro football team dressed in black and yellow last night. And you can't blame them for that, can you?

The only thing they got wrong was the TSN Turning Point - obviously it should have been the opening kickoff because the game was over as soon as that happened!

After last night (and the cumulative effect of 1-6), I think Ottawa fans were the lucky ones when their team folded this year. At least they don't have to be embarassed/humiliated on a weekly basis by the LAUGHINGSTOCK OF THE CFL!

No I can't blame them for making fun of the team. Some of the comments I remember were from Dunegan who refered to Clymie as " (negative) people like you" in relation to Edmonton taking a more positive outlook after a bad game. Also Clymie looked at Dunegan when it came to his turn to introduce a new segment by saying "IF you will permit me etc".
Doesn't look like there is much love lost between the two of them.
Ah well...just wanted to briefly get away from the serious Tiger-Cat troubles.

Missed the panel last night as I made my way home from our latest disaster.

Generally I don't have a problem with the panel but does anyone else hit the mute button everytime Glen Suitor opens his yap?

Can TSN not shut this guy up?

Please be advised that Dave Randorf's swollen and cut lip was from getting a ground ball in the chops in a pickup baseball game earlier in the week. :wink: :smiley:

I did not watch TSN last night but generally I like the personnality conflicts on the panel. As far as the game announcers I have to agree that Suitor is a bit overbearing. I like Darren Flutie's commentary on the CBC. Last week in Regina he made a great observation about the Riders making a mistake going for third and long late in the game instead of kicking a field goal. The moron play by play guy disagread with Flutie. Turns if they kicked the field goal they would have won the game I also liked Fluties observations on the Fifth Quarter last night. I like his insight into the game and would like to see the Cats bring him in to help turn this mess around.

he said himself that he wouldn't even know where to start other than getting rid of paopao.

I'm sure he'd make an interesting receivers coach or even an OC though... so would Dunnigan...

I dont mind the TSN pre game group, but Rod Black is nauseating. This guy is great at overstating the obvious over and over again. Go back to broadcasting tennis.

i still cnat stand climie

"ohh.. here's a great play by the ticats.
now let me tell you how we would have done it in montreal and made it better"

"oh heres ricky ray throwing five touchdowns, let me tell you why Calvillo is so much better and woulda thrown twenty."

"oh, here's rob hitchcock making a tackle, now let me tell you how he would have made a better tackle playing for montreal"