TSN changes Panel and Road Crews

Veteran broadcaster Rod Smith is shifting to a full-time play-by-play role to help fill the void left by Chris Cuthbert, who departed for Sportsnet in June 2020. Smith has hosted the CFL on TSN panel since 2014, though he has also occasionally performed play-by-play duties.
Rod Black calling games at the IIHF Women’s World Championship for most of August so we won't see him much


Great moves. I don’t think anyone will miss Rod Black.


Wishing for Dave Naylor to be replaced as an insider


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Never had a problem with Naylor. Always seems like a pretty good advocate for all things CFL.


I thought it would be more like "I Can't Get No Satisfaction". lol!

Not more Kate Beirness....AHHHHHHHHHHH

Minus the NFL ball and logos in his office while TSN was broadcasting the CFL draft.


Davis Sanchez and Jim Barker will appear in-studio on the panel alongside Beirness, while Milt Stegall and Matt Dunigan will join remotely until the Canada-U.S. border is reopened.

The border is open to essential travel (work) and will be open to vaccinated US citizens as of Aug 9th. Will be interesting to see how long they're working remotely.


Yes, it will be very interesting indeed if they broadcast remotely after August 9th. Could be TSN saving tens of thousands of dollars in housing expenses for them, could be they aren't eligible for entry into Canada for some unknown reason related to Crash's post...

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If the column from Hodge is correct, then they will be eligible to cross the border as long as they have been fully vaccinated. I'm not sure of their vaccination status, but if they don't travel to Canada it strikes me as for one of three reasons - 1. Hodge is wrong about them working remotely until the Canada-U.S. border is reopened. 2. They are not fully vaccinated. 3. TSN would be trying to save money by doing a virtual panel.

For ordinary US citizens you have to be fully vaccinated Aug 9, but if classed as "essential" workers they can cross back and forth with no vaxx no testing.

In other words a football fan. He clearly enjoys and respects both leagues. Nothing wrong with that.

No thanks he's most of all an advocate for himself, and hey okay it's his career, but he's no friend from what I have seen and heard.

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Such a football fan he had nothing CFL related behind him.


Correct so basically they're eligible to come in to Canada now.

So the thousands of CFL tweets and articles Naylor has written over the last decade, which would demand of him that he lives and breathes all things CFL, were actually disingenuous since he forgot to stage a couple of CFL trinkets in front of his webcam.

Such a poseur that Naylor is.

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Or it's just his job......