TSN/CFL should release Video of the games for Sportsnet to pick up

Sully mentioned that Sportsnet is not allowed to show any video of the CFL. We have Brandon Bridge a Canadian QB with a good game last night, also from Toronto and Sportsnet can't show highlights. I would think it would be a good marketing tool for TSN and the CFL.

Does anyone know why?

Funny that Sportsnets write ups are picked up from the Canadian Press.

They dont make the effort to send someone to the game so perhaps TSN/CFL are not making the effort to share the highlights.

Either way, seems funny.

TSN is owned by Bell. Sportsnet is owned by Rogers. Bell and Rogers are direct competitors for TV, phone, and internet.

Never thought about it any further than that.

TSN has video of BJ's and every other sport. Rogers Sportsnet has only video of the CFL if they produced or interviewed someone. Rogers also has video of every other sport except CFL.

Probably why we don't get exposure

I guess the question is to Sully - whywouldn't TSN not allow highlights of the CFL games be shown on Sportsnet and others?

I am going to have to disagree with that because I have seen CFL video on Sportsnet.

They have 2 shows that I like....Plays of the month and misplays of the month

The Sept Misplays has 2 CFL shots

1 was the Als' Logan fumbling a kickoff in Toronto that was returned for a TD

The Other was a Calgary wide open dropped pass against BC I believe

I often see CFL plays on those 2 shows

The video rights issue comes down to the rights holder in this case Bell media.

Bell has all the rights to the CFL property. It controls the cards in this situation.

The same situation applies to the NFL w/Rogers.The NFL no longer has a broadcast/business relationship w/Rogers.Bell media has an exclusive rights deal that will extend until 2021(see below).

Bell media and DAZN are the only outlets that can show hi-lights on their platforms.Rogers in turn purchased a syndication license w/Canadian Press.They get articles and still photos to use on their various properties(Watch Tim and Sid- they will use a still photo that incorporates the Ken Burns effect on the monitors in the background).They get the articles/photos from CP that they then can monetize via page views.Thus a low cost way to make a profit off the NFL.The NFL in turn gets free publicity that reinforces their brand and still allows for hefty profit.Go to sportsnet.ca and see the menu at the top of the screen.They haven't moved the NFL to the other menu(where the CFL resides).

You also have to take into account who the producers are at Sportsnet. Just because they would have the rights doesn't mean they would show them. Say the associate producer for Sportsnet Central is a 25 year old from Southern Ontario raised on a steady diet of Blue Jays, Maple Leafs, Raptors, UFC, TFC, Manchester United, and the NFL. If they say the CFL is not a priority, It does not make the cut.