TSN / CFL should buy HNIC theme song

as im sure you've all heard by now, canadas second national anthem is nolonger being used by the CBC.

rather than this song just fading away, i propose the CFL / TSN buy the rights to the song and make it the new intro song for friday nite football, or ALL CFL games....id feel better knowing that song is being used for something rich in canadian culture rather than just being put on the shelf, or being used for something stupid.

i always thought the CFL needed a good song 'like' the HNIC theme...now they have the chance to get 'THE' HNIC theme.

i think tuning into a CFL game, that song playing with an intro with cahoon making a catch, lumsden breaking tackles, braidwood landing a big hit would be mega!

i know it would take some getting used to, but i think it might draw some more people in, when they hear that song..the song they love and nolonger hear when tuning in for hockey.

what do u peeps think?

talk about brand confusion....it would take 20 years for people to associate that song with the CFL....and even then most people would laugh and tell they're kids that the song was for hockey.
Now if TSN bought it and used it for hockey...that might work.

Well, I don't consider it "Canada's second national anthem" by any stretch...we have only one of those, and that's all we need...and while it is an easily identifiable song, it is one that is best used for hockey in the future (providing another network is able to negotiate), and hockey alone, for the same reason Blin suggested...and also because I consider the melody to be too "soft" for football.

TSN should buy the "CFL On CBC" intro.


I agree with the others, its just not a football related theme. I, for one, will always associate that theme with hockey. The CBC should try again to retain the theme, or buy it outright , even if it costs them a million or more.

ok...you guys are right.

decision made..the CFL will not go after that song.

We should buy it collectively and up the price significantly and Im sure someone will.

I read this morning that the theme costs the CBC $500/minute.

TSN could buy the theme and use it on their broadcasts for hockey. Its not a bad idea for TSN to buy the rights to the theme.

yeah i didnt mind that cfl on cbc theme, best part of the cbc broadcast

I'm out of the loop...why aren't they using the song anymore? and with hockey's popularity slowly growing in the US why not keep it and use market it out to Versus and NBC and give the americans the same identity with that song that we have....that way we get to keep it and the CBC (who would have to buy the rights to the song for this to work) would lessin the cost of having the song..

Just an idea

That would be really really really weird. That would screw with my head if I heard that on a Friday night in the middle of July.

Considering how long the NHL season has been getting in recent years, you might well have heard it on a July evening eventually anyway... for a hockey game! :smiley:

That year the Oilers were in the cup final it came pretty close. If I remeber correctly the Eskies were already playing by the time the Cup run was over.

CTV got the rights:

[url=http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20080609/hnic_theme_080609/20080609?hub=TopStories]http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/s ... TopStories[/url]

I heard it on the noon sports today.

Once again, the peoples network screw up one of the FEW programs that earn them decent revenue............ :roll:

Anyone want to bet that CBC will lose Saturday night hockey when it comes up for renewal in four or five years? :roll:

not sure if I like this or not.

Geez. The CBC just keeps going down and down… :?

What do you expect? They are full of people that the Private sector wouldn't hire. :roll:

First it was the CFL and now the Theme song, what next are they going to dump the National too.