TSN/CFL Power Rankings

I would have thought with a win over the Grey Cup champs Calgary Stampeders that our power ranking would be 2 or 3 but TSN has the Cats at fourth???

If we beat Montreal this week, I guess TSN will have us at number 3 next week??

CFL on TSN Power Rankings for week of Sept 20

(Last updated: September 21)

* [1] Montreal (Last Week: 1)
* [2] Calgary (Last Week: 2)
* [3] Edmonton (Last Week: 4)
* [4] Hamilton (Last Week: 5)
* [5] Saskatchewan (Last Week: 3)
* [6] B.C. (Last Week: 6)
* [7] Toronto (Last Week: 8 )
* [8] Winnipeg (Last Week: 7)

That's why they mean nothing to me.

Hamilton should be #3 Calgary should not be #2 after getting beaten by the previous #5 team. However, I think the lack of Movement of the Cats might have to do with the no so good offensive output in the first half.

Anyway they don't mean much in the end considering Winnipeg should not even be in the charts.

So where will they rank us when we beat Montreal Friday. That would mean that we beat the No. 1 and No.2 teams in the past two weeks. Would that put us ahead of Montreal and sitting in the number one position? It technically probably should, but it won't. But it will be interesting where they rank us.

I don't totally disagree with the ranking we have been given. Ya we beat Calgary, but it was a win at home. The fact of the matter is, we have only won a single game on the road so far (against BC). You don't get put in the top two or three until you start beating teams on the road.

Rankings being what they are, things are really close this year. I don't disagree with Montreal being ranked number one, but it really is a toss up for positions 2 through 5. Hamilton, Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatchewan are all at similar levels. I would maybe give a bit of an edge to Calgary after they beat Edmonton at home and on the road, even though they did lose to the Ti-Cats, and quite frankly had their offense shut down. Edmonton did look better than the Riders this week in Regina. BC is a little behind in the West, and I think we all agree the Argos and Bombers bring up the rear, even though either of these teams are not really that terrible.

If we beat Calgary or Montreal on the road, then we will see things change. For now I'm quite happy to be ranked fourth.

Sportsnet has us ranked 2nd, followed by the Riders, Eskimos, and Stamps. Same bunch behind Montreal, all with a 6-5 record. A second place ranking is great, but I just see the record indicate that this group are all close. I think they must be influenced by their Soutern Ontario roots, but they aren't Toronto lovers like the guys on TSN.

If this team continues to improve, and does not get banged up, anything could happen this year. It may be tough to catch the Als, but you never know. If we don't we know that we will have a good showing at the playoff game at home. After that, if we can find a way to get past Montreal in the Eastern Final, I think we will fair well against anyone in the West.

Number 2? Are you serious?

We got beat by the #7 team TWICE.

Remember that these rankings are based on the whole year and not just on last week.

The only thing that matters is that we qualify for the playoffs and we take it week by week after that.