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Lots of CFL stuff on TSN on Saturday. Some tidbits I found interesting. Might be groundless but...

-Matt Nichols wants $450,000 but Winnipeg says too much at his stage.
-Mike O'Shea has not sat down with Winnipeg brass to discuss a new contract. Playing a bit of hardball. Maybe waiting to see what else is out there?
-Tommy Condell is still living in Hamilton area and is open to returning to CFL. But they say not in Hamilton
-Orlando Steinauer will not be returning to Hamilton and will be available elsewhere
-Duron Carter has had extensive talks with Calgary, Edmonton and Sask. Sask is doing deep "due diligence" on him and his issues
-Sask wants Franklin
-Ricky Ray is open to be a back-up. Wants to coach after retirement
-Burris wants to start next year somewhere. His GM says he's under contract and will be in Ottawa or nowhere. ( not sure why team would go down this road in GC week-my comment)
-Montreal GM-either Brock Sunderland or Danny Macoicia. The GM will hire a HC. Chapdelaine is a tough hire for Macoicia because of history.

I cannot see Carter in Stamp Land.

There is no room for rogue egos in a team environment.

I know what you mean but I think Calgary is the one team that could work well for this diva . They have such a good structure with strong leadership they probably can keep him in line.

Kind of like how problem children are on their 3rd strike and go to New England. They settle down and produce. Very short leash.

That said I have no idea whether he has a severe attitude problem or an actual illness.

I've seen that elsewhere too. Earlier in the year it was claimed because he was focused on football, especially when the team started winning. Not sure what the holdup is now, unless he wants out. I'd be surprised if the team doesn't want to talk to him.

-Orlando Steinauer will not be returning to Hamilton and will be available elsewhere
Toronto maybe?

just my thoughts and possible predicted outcomes on each subject : don’t read anything in to it. It’s simply conjecture and musing on my part with absolutely no basis for any of it : :slight_smile:

  • Matt Nichols will re-sign with the Bombers but not for his $450,000 asking price , more likely he accepts a contract in the $250,000 to $300,000 range.

  • Mike O’Shea after much deliberation and after seeing what’s out there re-signs on with the Bombers for another 2 years.

  • Tommy Condell will listen to offers from Toronto but ultimately will not sign there but will resurface as an OC in the States back in College ball in the NCAA .

  • Orlando Steinhauer leaves Hamilton and signs on in Toronto as the new DC replacing Rich Stubler who will be let go.

  • Duron Carter after much deliberation and listening to all 3 teams offers signs on with the Eskimos as the replacement for the departed Derel Walker who after FA will sign on with someone in the NFL.

  • James Franklin will wind up in Saskatchewan after a blockbuster trade with Edmonton that will involve a combination of draft picks and regulars that will amount to 5 players combined switching colours next season which leads to current starter Durant being allowed to walk in FA and resurfacing and signing in Toronto as their new starter.

  • Ricky Ray will announce his retirement from football due to injuries after a 14 yr career but much like Calvillo in Mtl will stay on in Toronto as an Assistant Coach working with the quarterbacks and receivers.

  • Burris after realising that there are no takers or interest in a 42 yr old Hank as a full time starter reluctantly re-signs back on with the RB’s and pouts on the bench crying once again about being disrespected and not starting over Trevor Harris. Amazingly Hank does get his wish though halfway through the season when a desperate team trades for him after losing their starter to a season ending injury.

  • In Montreal it will be confirmed that Danny Macoicia will indeed be the choice as the replacement for the departed Popp and one of his first transactions will be the firing and replacing of Chapdelaine as HC. Alouette fans will take to the streets with pitchforks and burn wee little elf like effigy dolls of Macoicia in protest of the “Earthworm’s” hiring.

(This should fit under gossip or buzz)

Something like this could have implications on our League. :frowning:

NFL to present formal proposals for a developmental league in 2017

[b][i]Cowboys owner Stephen Jones: "It is a concept that could check all of those boxes we often talk about -- diversity, officiating, developing coaches, player development, experimenting with rules and technology. It's something we have to start to seriously look at within the Competition Committee and then discuss with the NFLPA. We've reached a point where we really should be looking more at a developmental league, and I really expect that to begin here in the next year or so. We lost a lot of money on the NFL Europe, but there were a lot of things the league did well and for all of those reasons -- coaches, officiating, players, quarterbacks in particular -- it's something we really do need to be looking at and studying. The time might be right to do it."

Steelers owner Art Rooney II: "It's something we have to really look at and address, whether it's a spring league or in some other way. We definitely need to work on developing players, we definitely need to work on developing officials, and it's something we really need to spend some time on, even if it's not necessarily a spring league, but some way to provide more time to develop players."

Saints coach Sean Payton: "I think you're going to see that at some point now. It may be an international spring league, but one in which the club can call on it at any time to infuse a player into their roster midstream, and just as importantly, clubs can call on employees other than players, too. I think the officiating could benefit from it. There are number of things it gives you. Even if it's six or eight (teams) that 32 (NFL teams) are drawing on. With the World League, I don't remember how many teams there were, but a lot of people who were involved in that league -- a lot -- ended up in our league at some point."

Ravens coach John Harbaugh: "John Madden has got me convinced that it would be great for football, young players and coaches, and the officials. It would be great for the game of football. And I kind of think the league wants to do it, it's just a matter of working out the details and we'll see where it goes ... I don't know why it hasn't happened to this point. I think the league wants to do it. There must be something blocking it. There must be some factors that are keeping it from going in that direction, because I've never heard anybody say they don't want to do it[/i][/b]

much more here

[url=http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-to-present-formal-proposals-for-a-developmental-league-in-2017/]http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-t ... e-in-2017/[/url]

I think the CFL should also support this idea with players and refs. I don't think the NFL would be opposed CFL participation. right now there is no place for all these players to go

Agree Argofan. Will be interesting to see if this develops into something tangible.

I will be extremely surprised if Danny Manioca is the Alouettes next GM. Head Coach? IT WILL BE JACQUES CHAPDELAINE.


Keep Jacques he is the best option right now . Hire Tillman as your GM he is as good a recruiter as Popp and despite his problem in Regina is well respected as a football man .

Problem solved .

Tillman is already GM of the TiCats, I doubt he would take the same position in MTL.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/2016/03/11/ticats-promote-tillman-to-gm-allemang-burke-appointed-assistants/]http://www.cfl.ca/2016/03/11/ticats-pro ... ssistants/[/url]

I thought Austin had both roles GM/HC . My bad .

Arash MadaniVerified account ?@ArashMadani 19m19 minutes ago
Per #CFL sources: If Danny Maciocia becomes Als GM, Ricky Ray's landing spot may be Montreal. Show Vernon Adams the ropes + be insurance QB.

Could be. Ray and Maciocia were very close in Edmonton.

Neither were close or supportive of Chapdelaine when in Edmonton.

I think we may see GM Maciocia and HC Scott Milanovich with Ray there.

That's a marketing mistake as JC was liked and had the room and respect .

The tailgate on TSN looks like good times I wish it was like that for all games at BMO .

I highly doubt that Steinauer leaves Hamilton where he is also the assistant HC to take a DC role in TO (a demotion). He said he's open to remaining in Hamilton and is welcome to stay there. Any move to TO would have to be a promotion - like HC.

Hank is already under contract in Ottawa for 2017. He extended with the team after they got the GC game for next year.

Grey Cup on Rogers Sportsnet Live? Who would of guessed