TSN CFL game coverage

The TSN game day CFL coverage is (IMO) bad and has never taken advantage of the talent they possess. For example, all the major sport broadcasts in North American have at least one female on their respective panels plus the NFL & NBA has them in prominent roles. I do no understand what Rod Black, Rod Smith & Duane Forde bring, together they have zero charisma. Ideally I think the game day panel should be : Jennifer Hedger - Matt Dunigan , Milt Stegal & Davis Sanchez with Kate Beirness, Sara Orlesky and Kayla Grey (depending on the region) for game day sideline reporting. The game callers are good & Glen Suitor is the best color guy.
Dave Naylor should be the weekly contributor on all broadcasts.

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Hedger? No way she gets a gig on the panel. She ignored the Argos as a champion in the history of sports in Toronto a few years back. She got whacked for it on Twitter. And rightfully so.

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I believe Kate was on the panel for TNF .

The biggest move, according to multiple sources, will see SportsCentre anchor Kate Beirness take over from Rod Smith as the host of Thursday Night Football.

She sucked on that abomination of a production. Blow it up and start over TSN.

Your post is dated. That was the lady in the summer of 2019 with the rest of the crew who altogether were awful. See previous post.

Naw. Beirness is a Raptor sideline reporter/panelist. Besides she has a background playing Women's basketball during her college days.

Sara Orlesky would be a better candidate, but would she be willing to move from Winnipeg.

One person that TSN should hire is Thom Brennaman. I know why he was fired. He apologized for it and was sincere in making it. People did worse things than that and got a second chance(Marv Albert, Don Cherry, numerous times). Brennaman is now working in Puerto Rico doing baseball games

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IMO its Dunigan and Stegal that bring little to the table other than silliness

I think Dunigan is fine. Stegall is "meh" for me

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Agreed! Stegal is too full of himself but with that said....I don't care who is on the panel. I watch the game. I don't need flashing lights and giant arrows to show me which way the offence is moving


Losing Chris Shultz on the panel left a huge hole to fill. A hole that might not be filled at all


An almost entirely new panel with one holdover from before the pandemic would be one.

I can't see anything wrong with the TSN coverage. I don't like Suitor, he never shuts up so it's easy to turn the sound down. If you don't like the panel or play-by-play you can watch in a bar, they never have the sound turned up.

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Precisely what's wrong with the CFL if you like it don't try to fix it

Aww leave Rod Black alone lol.

omg ..... are u serious he's so bad

CFL / TSN coverage is so bad ..... the draft ton ight was the worst I've ever seen.....so sad and the purists claim nothing needs fixing.



That's a ball. You didn't explain which one got me the strike?

Sara Orlesky filled in once as host of panel and was excellent

Jennifer Hedger doesn't consider the CFL to be major league by her comments about the Raptors being the first team since 1993 to win a major title.

She may have taken a lot of heat for that comment but it doesn't change how she feels about the CFL unless that comment was scripted.