TSN CFL Fantasy Pool

TSN is running a fantasy pool...

time to make the season even more interesting,

Who's in?

TSN Fantasy Pool

I'm in.
I probably took more Ti-Cat players than I should have but it's only week one, need to assess the teams.

I just joined!

Grey Cup Tix, OH YEAH!!!

Should we make a ticats.ca group?

I already made my picks, but I would definitely be up for joining a ticats.ca group. That would be fun.

How many would we need? 5-10 people to make it interesting? I have never done this before, but looking forward to it.

Im in! Ive also already made my picks. I found it Kinda Hard to put together a good team with that amount of money but I did my best :cowboy:

Alright, I created a group that anybody who sees this message is welcome to join.

Group Name : Ticats dot CA

Password: Kevin Eakin


Not sure if I'll do any CFL fantasy this year, but when I've done this sort of thing in the past, I usually pick against my favorite team. That way if my team loses, my fantasy stats are a consolation prize. :wink: Anyone else do this?

I'm usually pretty impartial. I'm much more emotionally invested in my favourite real team than I am in my fantasy team, so it doesn't really work as a consolation prize.

I will join it tonight.

Only 1 more day to get your picks in! :cowboy:

that 1M dollar cap is tight

A new league is starting on FantasEh.ca

Caesar Fantasy Football League

looking for 4 new players , starting from week 2, offence and defense points, waiver and budget set, autodraft for this year and keeper league for the next seasons

just send me your email and I will invite you

thank you

Well done TSN, cant add Anthony Allen.
They really need someone in control of this that has a clue. People that play in other daily leagues are laughing hard at this.

Deadline to put in week two picks is tonight at 8:30pm.

With much better weather in Edmonton, and Drew's tweet that CJ Gable is "motivated", I am upping the Ticat content by adding Gable to my team. The best way to handle the type of pressure that Sask used last week is lots of screen passes and play-action - I fully expect to see the 'Cats use their backfield in a big way on Friday to relieve the pressure on Collaros.

I'd love to see Gable get the ball 15 times or more, but somehow I doubt that will happen.

Wow, things really came crashing down to earth for me in week three. And things may be really interesting this week with guys like Owens and Cornish out, and Fantuz and Elllingson likely coming back in.

I am taking a flyer on Masoli this week as QB - he can scramble, he'll have a couple of great receivers back in the line-up, and the price is right compared to the $250-$300k guys.

Huge jump this week for dexterddb, though he remains .82 POINTS BEHIND ME!

Also congrats to Jordan02 for remaining on top of the group.

It doesn't seem like there have been very many consistently outstanding offensive performers in the 3 weeks so far....it's making it pretty tough to pick a good team.