tsn censorship

i like the way tsn isn't allowing any criticism of this deal on their website. i tried to add my concerns of potential negative effects to the cfl due to 10-15% of the population not being able to get tsn and they wouldn't let them be added to the comments. in fact they did not allow one comment that wasn't over the top pleased with the situation. I suspect i was not the only one concerned. i think it is funny how only around 10 comments to positive enough to get on. usually there is at least 50 comments on those least and sometimes hundreds yet this time it was closed after only ten.... i suspect they grew tired of having to censor the majority of comments. and yes i am aware it is their site and they can do what they want but i am convinced those comments do not reflect popular opinion.

What is it that convinces you?

Sportsnet, when you type in TSN on their discussion board, asterisks it out like ***. All part of the game.

That's pathetic.

LOL! Tough world of media competition

It might be pathetic, TIMH, but I can completely understand why Sportsnet would not want any reference to other sport networks on their boards.

Understandable jm02, but on Bob McCown's sportsnet show yesterday they were talking of the new deal with Commissioner Wright, and the dreaded letters "TSN" were used frequently. If they can TALK about it on sportsnet, why the big deal about printing the letters in comments on their website? Odd.

Besides, Toronto newspapers (Globe, Sun, Star) often have writers naming the competition (a Sun writer bashing a Star writer, and vice versa); so I don't see the big deal here.

Does sportsnet actually expect us to follow the CFL but not watch the games? To watch the games we'd have to tune to that 'other' station.............

If their gamble works, it's going to end up like the NHL down here in the mid '80's.

They pretty much left "free" t.v. to go to regional cable channels across the country and it just forced people to buy them....It worked.

I guess that's what's going on here.

It is TSN's choice to censor anything that they deem to be unwanted advice or concerns, why not post what you wrote here, so we can actually see why they would not allow you to post those comments on their forum.