TSN cancels broadcast of 2 pre-season gamest. Also potatoes are good

i know it’s only pre-season games, but this is annoying. there are nine pre-season games and only two are being broadcast.

edit: preseason games are being streamed


I hate when I can’t find a game on TV, preseason or otherwise.

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yea me too! you would think they could do more than two out of nine games. they should at least broadcast the full slate the week before season starts.

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The TiCats pre season game will probably be live streamed


yea i just saw your other post in ticats category and was just thinking that some other teams may be streaming some games.

Could you find a way to livestream here, in a chat room type thing?
That would be cool

may have to listen to radio broadcast old school style.

i know right? i’d love to stream all CFL games here. if we can get a live youtube feed it would probably work. just set it up as the op or a separate window.

i’ve actually been mulling over enabling the chat feature for game days…

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That brings me to another pet peeve. We have “TSN radio” in Edmonton. Do you think you can listen to a CFL game on there?


haha yea no it’s so bizarre. in vancouver it’s local radio not TSN that does Lions games.

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Yeah, I think you can listen to the Elks games on 630 CHED but what about the other games?


I keep my Sirius XM subscription for cheap for all sorts of odds and ends, but since about 2020 satellite radio has become much more like the annoying old terrestrial radio and worse each year. That’s another rant as to why that’s the case given the poor way that business has been managed for years.

Anyway, via Canada Talks they usually have the CFL game play-by-play and usually it’s the homer call.

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The TV contract does not give them a right to the radio coverage … another station outbid them, plain and simple … its called capitalism … interesting that TSN did not value the games as highly as the current rights holder.

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TSN pulled the plug on their radio stations in Hamilton and Vancouver a few years ago.
It was done in the middle of their morning shows with zero warning to their employees and listeners! :poop:


But all CFL games are on Sirius satellite radio - not sure the number but it’s “Canada Talks”

The only reason I can think of that TSN is not broadcasting it, would be that the ratings are not good for a pre-season game and not worth the expense of the cameras/broadcast crew etc

And some wonder why the CFL always hangs by a thread.
Tsn pays lipserrvice at best to the CFL during the season and has always attempted to do less and less in the off season and preseason


Years ago, after TSN had an exclusive contract with the CFL, yet not all games were being televised. A local Winnipeg TV station tried to televise a non televised game but were threatened with a lawsuit.

If TSN is no longer interested in showing the preseason games they should just say so and allow for local television stations something like PBS to pickup the games. Would be a great way to get more donations.


That is a genius idea. Also Go Winnipeg (Blue Bombers and Jets)


A VERY expensive way to get viewers … don’t know whether most local stations that are donation funded (if any exist) could afford to do it.

yea i remember that. sportsnet did similar too.