TSN camera is TERRIBLE. way to close

Not CFL fault necessarily but it would be nice if they told TSN to broadcast the games better. Just like NHL games with the camera so close to the action you can't see the entire game.

For this Montreal game, you better off listening to radio cause all you see is the location of the ball. You never see when the ball is thrown 5 yards ahead.

Your just watching and it's like ''oh oh oh oooh there is the receiver and he DID NOT catch it''


Crap! You just reminded me that this game started over an hour ago... :oops: :oops: :lol: :lol:

oh good. your missing a bad game. reminder calgary game is on now! riders haven't shown up yet. game delay.

I agree. Often times they zoom in on a player on the bench when something else is going on. Really annoys me. Going to the games is so much better, you get to see the whole thing.

I'm so glad to hear others say these things. On one play where Porter got hit just after throwing the ball, the camera stayed on Porter. You could hear some fans cheering, and I thought, "Oh, no, it must have been intercepted." Rod Black (who is usually no help at all) said that the pass was incomplete. No explanation of whether it was a bad pass or a dropped ball or a defensive knockdown. So when they started showing the replay I thought, "Okay, we'll find out now." Then they showed the replay...from the SAME CAMERA!

I actually started to consider not watching games on TV anymore. Go to home games, listen to away games on the radio, and ignore all other CFL action completely. Think how much time I would save every week, time that I could be doing other things. Productive things. Worthwhile things.

But I'm too big a CFL fan for that to happen.