Does anyone know how the comments on tsn.ca are moderated? You get characters like "robasaurus" and several others who are essentially pure trolls; they show up commenting on almost every CFL story just to insult the league, its players, and its fans, but they never get banned. However, comebacks submitted by CFL fans often don't make it onto the site (I've tried a couple of times myself).

Today I noticed something I've never seen before. Robasaurus posted one of his typical remarks under the story on how the CFL is flourishing. This morning, there were a couple of others who responded right away, both calling him a loser (which is about on a par with all his postings). This evening, robasaurus' comment is still there, but the other two are gone. What gives?

The CFL has cast its lot with this network. Why is the network treating CFL haters with kid gloves but blocking actual fans from responding?

I have no clue how they moderate the comments. Perhaps in the specific case you are referring to someone complained about the posts that were removed since they were originally allowed. I've discovered that if you even remotely critisize TSN in a comment that it won't show up at all.

maybe the work for TSN :oops:

Might have something to do with this robosaurus commenting on the article in question and the other people commenting about robosaurus.
But that really is just a guess as I have never read these comments

He said, “So the CFL only thrives in the offseason. Sounds good to me, let’s keep the offseason permanently. Have a fantastic Easter week! Weather is looking good” It’s one of his gentler comments, but it’s still what I would call trolling.

Not reading the comments is probably the best individual solution but I still wonder what TSN is up to.

I actually set up the user name "robasarus" (notice the u is missing)
And actually posted very similar posts to the real guy...however making myself seem even more foolish then the real guy.
I'd go over the top and proclaim that I wanted Phil Lind's baby...etc.
I only got 5-6 posts in... and the magically..none of my posts would stick to the board...
I thought then that this dude was an inside job who possiblly works for CTV.

I've seen comments not removed from there that were pretty harsh towards another poster.

They don't seem to edit - just accept or reject. I know the comments I made that never showed (critisizing a comment by an announcer that was wrong) could easily have been edited to remove a line and the rest of my comments would have been "acceptable" to them.

I find it more believable that robosaurus is a TSN insider.

robasaurus is a immature high school kid with time on his/her hands or a low life. I've never seen anyone so well informed about something they considered "bush league".

In fact, I love it when he posts. Always funny stuff, sarcastic stuff. As for the moderating, I'm not sure how it works. It seems weird that they'd remove people's comments, unless personal attacks are involved. They usually don't allow comments to be made when it comes to personal stories (death, illness, criminal charges, etc.).

I tried to call out brundt on a ctv blog or forum whatever you call it as he was trying to get hold of someone via it during the olympics and surprise surprise they never made it on.

What about the comment on that article about putting an expansion team in Thunder Bay? I've seen a lot of suggestions for expansion locations, but Thunder Bay has to be just about the most absurd one I've ever seen. That comment is truly embarrassing to me as a fan of the CFL, and I wish it could be removed. I think comments like that, which are clearly not based in reality, do just as much damage to the credibility of the CFL as Robosaurus's pot shots.

Personal attacks generally aren't allowed on public discussion boards like the forums here at cfl.ca and the comment sections at tsn.ca, which is probably why the comments calling Robosaurus a loser were deleted, while his attacks on the CFL were not. They are merely offensive, and do not target a specific person. Personally, I'm glad they were deleted. If the CFL is to be defended, it should not be done on rational grounds and not by insulting the offenders.

As for deleting comments that are anti-TSN, well, I don't necessarily agree with that either, but it's TSN's website. They have no obligation to provide comment sections, and they have the right to delete what they see fit. If you want them to remove stuff that you feel could be damaging to an organization that you support, then I think it's fair to allow them the latitude to remove stuff that they feel could be damaging to themselves. I would expect the same from any media outlet that covered the CFL.

Any suggestion that doesn't include a city with a 25K seat stadium is an absurd suggestion.

TSN's website is run by CTV, which seems to have an anti-CFL bias throughout their network (they also own the Globe and Mail). CTV broadcasts the NFL, so perhaps some of their editors and web"masters" have taken it upon themselves to shun the CFL, rather than it being a network-wide conspiracy? Since CTV has taken over the CFL's online streaming, that hasn't seemed to work either for the last two seasons. :roll:

Who knows, I haven't followed the comments much myself but hey, there are people out there using the Internet for kiddy porn so nothing surprises me about the Internet and unless who know who controls the site and what they think in their head, it's anybody's guess as to what is actually going on I suppose.

If you didn’t shake things up it would get boring… nothing like teasing CFL fans… Robo would love to know that he’s even inspired a thread on the league forum… Its fun being the anti-christ… :stuck_out_tongue:

That guy doesn't even take himself seriously. His posts are really pretty amusing :lol:


This thread reminds me of Jay and silent Bob strike back, if anyone has seen the movie, they'll no what I am talking about.

Dude, if you're gonna drop a reference, you gotta do a better job. I've seen every Kevin Smith movie, and I'm drawing a blank. :lol:

the end of the movie... when they use all the money they made to fly around from city to city going to houses kicking the crap out of anyone who mocked them online.

what he said. Remember on movie poop shoot, Jay was getting pissed at everyone that mocked Bluntman and Cronic.

Just last week I slightly criticized Steve Simmons for questioning the Jamal Robertson signing during "Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down" segment on The Reporters and, lo and behold, my comment was rejected. All I said was that people need to stop looking for conspiracies because Braley owns both teams. I gave a number of reasons why Robertson went to BC instead of another team. Then I go on there and people are yelling at Michael Farber for giving a thumbs up to Joe Mauer. Weird double standard, especially considering that Farber is a good writer and Simmons, well... he works for the Sun so that should speak for itself.