TSN.CA Games on Demand issue

Where is Friday's game between the Lions & Stampeders?
Don't want to watch the replay via ESPN3.COM because of their lousy picture and repeating commercial breaks.

You might want to ask TSN - they are usually posted shortly after the game is over.

My biggest pet peeve is that it requires flash, and that there isn't an HTML5 version for my tablet.

However, I get why because they want to see the mobile connect subscription, which is silly.

You can use a program like SmartSWF and it allows you to download a Flashplayer on to your tablet. Just search on the play store.
I think photon flash may work too.

Yeah, I tried photon, and a couple others and they are all temperamental at best.

I bought a tablet when my laptop crashed a few months ago, now I've gone back to a laptop.