TSN.ca: a small fumble

I was looking at TSNs story about the 2012 Grey Cup going to toronto... but the pic they used was from the Bills in toronto...

Small fumble TSN small fumble

Weird, you show a pic of the upper bowl empty and with Bills stuff to promote the 100th Grey Cup?????

TSN, WTF are you doing there? Who's in charge? Hire me, I can do a tad better I think. Unbelievable. Unreal.

Sad. :cry:

PS. Great observation hg. :thup:

Someone's face is gonna be red. :lol:

You don't just toss a pic on a story like this because it's quarter to five on afternoon and you have to pick up the wife or kids after work and grab some grub for dinner. There should be a bit of thought in this, I would think. :? :? :? :? :? :?

Should use this picture for sure

[url=http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/static.panoramio.com/photos/original/10009572.jpg]http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com ... 009572.jpg[/url]

That's an awesome pic! :thup:

Geez you've got eagle eyes Earl. I didn't even notice 'til you mentioned it. To me it was just a representational image of two icon Toronto landmarks.

great observation really. wow. i love that other pic the poster 2 above posted.. thats what toronto is all about when it comes to grey cups atleast :slight_smile:

so heres a silly question that i may know the answer too but... why does toronto get the grey cup so much more than everyone else yet continue to seemingly lose money?

how is this possible?

...their accountant keeps dividing by zero?...

Maybe TSN has the NFL on its brain, as they will be broadcasting a national NFL game on Sunday's on TSN2 going head-to-head against Sunday CFL games on TSN. :roll:

Over the last 20 years, Toronto has only hosted in 1992 and 2007, so they don't host it that often. Besides Ottawa, that's tied for the fewest. It's a quick turnaround in 2012 because of it being the 100th.

As for the money losing, I dunno, bad business practices?

Since the NFL has been demoted to TSN2, its obvious that CFL is more popular in this country

its actually not about popularity. As a Canadian station, they know what uproar there would be if they didnt give the canadian product priority.

Indeed we have to wonder if this was sort of a business version of a Freudian slip perhaps if not like Earl said some bojack in a rush to leave work got lazy.

Are they truly going head-to-head up there, as in start time for each game within a half hour? That seems odd to me if so, and could there be any reason for that other than some attempt at more $$$? Or do they have no control of the game times as set by the NFL and CFL and that's just the way it is?

I am envious too. I wonder how many NFL games you all get on Sundays on top of the CFL game(s) up there?

On Sundays down here we get only 2 or 3 games total during the day on Fox and CBS plus one (usually either a great matchup or awful one with no middle ground) at night on NBC. Like in most NFL towns in the US it sucks when we get only two (free) games on a Sunday, including the game for the Eagles usually unopposed, compared to some areas without local teams who get sometimes 4 NFL games during the day instead.

And then of course in some cities when the home game does not sell out you are screwed and get only one or two games during the day otherwise with the blackout in force.

But at TSN couldn't they stagger the time for the start of the CFL game unlike for the NFL game?

It would not surprise me if as a media conglomerate that CTV is running both thorougbreds against each other to see how to segment Canada for ultimately its more profitable benefit down the road.

Such feedback on regional and demographic ratings head-to-head for its interests would be valuable information for all their marketing efforts and plans.

And of course like Xvys and others I would have little doubt they are still working especially on the Toronto area to push some sort of NFL agenda to find out how to profit better from their NFL and CFL investments. :?

While one NFL game will be on TSN2, there are other games on CTV, Sportsnet, City, plus all the American channels. Rogers will allocate games which cater to each market, Seahawks in Vancouver/Calgary, Vikings in Wpg, Bills in Toronto, Pats in Montreal, ect.

Even with all this coverage, the NFL ratings in Canada are pretty abysmal. The total ratings for all those NFL Sunday games combined in each time slot are normally lower than a single CFL game on TSN. This was clearly shown during the 2009 CFL division final, which drew over 2 million viewers on TSN, while all the combined NFL games drew in the 200,000's (NFL combined ratings include all the games televised in that time slot on CTV, Sportsnet, City and the American stations on cable).

Adding another NFL game on Sunday won't help, but the CFL can hold it's own. There will be increasing pressure from Rogers/CTV/TSN for the CFL to leave Sunday to the NFL to maximize their NFL ratings. Several times last season TSN pre-empted the start of CFL games on Sunday to do some Golf interviews or the unexplained technical difficulty which blacked-out the CFL game for 20 minutes at 1:00 pm, precisely in conjunction to the launch of the NFL season opener on CTV. TSN is owned by the same conglomerate which owns CTV and the Globe and Mail, the NFL's biggest boosters. Coincidence?

...seems our own website has a case of fumbleitis...on the main page the story of the 100th Grey Cup shows the Skydome in a baseball configuration :lol:

Might be different though red, in this case the CFL or Argos get some sort of break on something with the Rogers Centre in exchange for promoting baseball there on the CFL site here. I don't know, just speculating...

...regardless, the picture has been changed now to a Cohon et al group photo

Wish the same could be said about TSN. They still have the picture of Rogers Centre with the Bills in Canada logo and I think the picture is bigger than before.

Ok, that's weird because it demotes the Rogers Centre IMHO, knowing that they gave away tickets to employees who work at Rogers to try and fill the place for the Bills games.