TSN budget cuts and layoffs

Not the greatest news for the CFL broadcast partner TSN. Budget cuts and layoffs announced by Bell there today that they just talked about sadly on Sportscentre. Sheri Forde and a number of behind the scenes production people axed as well. Likely more cuts coming once the new pick and choose cable regulations come in and they lose subscription numbers and revenues related to those. Not great news for the CFL as the gap between those who can watch NFL on CTV and numbers who receive TSN (to watch CFL) grows.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/tsns-off-the-record-cancelled-amid-bell-job-cuts/article27308362/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-o ... e27308362/[/url]
the restructuring “is really the result? of new rules – set by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) after last year’s Let’s Talk TV ruling – that are gradually coming into force.
The company’s powerhouse sports network, TSN, was hit hard on Tuesday, according to sources, though the precise number of jobs lost is unclear. The channel has long been one of Bell Media’s flagship enterprises but has seen its advantage over rival Sportsnet slip away since Rogers Communications Inc. snatched away the bulk of the National Hockey League broadcast rights in a $5.2-billion deal reached in 2013.

Won't affect the CFL but no, not good news. BCE has no one to blame but themselves. Rogers has surpassed them in almost every way.

Except quality. They were the recipients of an exciting Jays season aligning perfectly with a down year in the CFL. There's no way they are making money on hockey, even with good viewership. They have 1 good anchor for their Connected show, everyone else is awful and TSN is vastly ahead in actual talented anchors.

Please cut Sara Orlesky.

Come to think of it, I have no use for any sideline reporter.

They add nothing other than useless blather. Its just that she is the worst.

I’m not sure that a lot of the sideline reporters are considered employees of TSN. I know the sideline reporter for Rider games works for the local CTV. They might be considered contractors of some sort.

Yes that is correct. TSN ( Bell ) owns CTV. Some reporters work direct for TSN some work with CTV but are used by TSN.

Example Jermaine Franklyn TSN - Lee Jones - CTV.

I always wondered why TSN needed 3 crews. 2 should be able to do the work load.

BTW, do not shed tears for TSN. Many have lost their jobs in Canada.
Specific here in Alberta is thousands out of work in the oil indutsry.

With the NDP running ( sinking ) the ship , it will only get worse.

I will not even get started on the new FED line up.

That could have been a factor for the low turn out on Sunday for the WSF.

Please please please tell me that Rod Black is one of the first casualties.

A billion for Bombardier after their massive screwups but not a dime to help the thousands out of work in the energy sector through no fault of their own.

What else would we expect?

Best thing to happen to TSN was Rogers getting the NHL. At the price they paid the contract winner is the loser. Give it another couple of years and you'll see less and less NHL on Sportsnet and more on pay per view services.

And I'm with hit-em-hard, PLEASE send Rod Black back to figure skating, forever banished from the CFL. Send Duane Forde with him.

I don't know . . . I remember when we used to have Suitor doing pretty much every game. It's easy to get sick of someone when you hear him too often. It also doesn't give the crew as much time to prepare for each game, which results in more platitudes and generalities.

The government of Quebec is bailing out Bombardier. Why would you expect them to also bail out people in Alberta? That's the job of the government of Alberta. There's be all kinds of money to do it if the PC's hadn't squandered decades worth of royalties.

This is just Bell being Bell. They love axing Canadian staff, it frees up money to buy and rebroadcast US content with zero effort. That's their primary business model on TV. Most of the cuts were in things like local news and Canadian content production, so you can expect to see even more poker and top 10 reruns whenever a live event isn't on.

I like Sarah.

Business wise, the NHL might not make Sportsnet money, but I bet more and more people watch SN central than did before the NHL's move to Sportsnet.

If not for Rogers' poor treatment of the CFL, I think everyone would admit freely that Sportsnet is a rising star and TSN is yesterday's news. The CFL should never have gone exclusive with TSN for their most recent tv deal. They should have broken the schedule into 2 packages an sold them separately ; one package for 3 weekly games to TSN and a second package of 1 weekly game to someone else ( global, CTV - also bell owned -, CBC, Sportsnet, cityTV) .

The more I follow the CFL's business side, the more I'm convinced they are run by men with no long term vision or ideas.

I think if Bell had to do it over again, they would have secured the NHL tv rights by all means necessary .

Best thing that happened to the CFL was Rogers getting the NHL.

At 5.2 BILLION it is a massive money loser. Even with pay services they will come close to recouping that money. Rogers made a huge mistake signing for that long at that price.

That’s just the recent hand-out. The feds have put billions into the Bombardier slot machine over the years.

:thup: I'm glad someone said it. :thup: