TSN Broadcasts

Can somebody, anybody confirm that this broadcast tonight with hank and his incredible "Ardene" style ring is a one shot deal. Although, it was nice to try and burn him at the onset of the show, does anybody think he knew what was going on?
I did enjoy our revolving panel with Rod Smith, Jock and Milt, Matt and an old nemisis Schultz.
Nobody in the house can put up with rod black, even the dog covers his ears when he tries to talk.
Household vote tonight says that if TSN should wish to keep another verbal mistake on its broadcasts, we will watch it muted until we find a stream were comfy with.
why did they move Matt and where is Schultzy?
our opinions only

I suspect you will see more of Hank from time to time on TSN - since he is a Bell Media (owners of TSN) employee working the CTV morning show in Ottawa.

I agree...

Where is Schultzy?

Funny how Hank went from telling TSN and the panel to shove it to sitting with them.

The guy is such a fraud.

Totally agree with Crash. Burris starts with B and ends with S. He is a self-centred, arrogant fellow who causes me to reach quickly for the "Mute" button. Can't stand the drivel that comes out of his cakehole.
By the way, TSN had the Duo From Hell working tonight. The worst possible pairing is Rod Black (the Ottawa team's namesake) and Glenn Suitor, the sorriest scoundrel ever to come out of Saskatchewan. Both are the dregs of the broadcasting barrel.Miss Matt Dunigan and Chris Schultz.

What about when Matt returns to the panel? Two former QBs and two former receivers. Can't they find a defensive player who can talk?

Never thought I would see the day that Jock Climie would be the humble guy. Have any of them walked past a mirror, ever? Where oh where are you Shultzy?

If you can't stand them why do you listen to them? I can, and do, watch the game no problem and enjoy it without audio. If you can stand the video lag listen to 1150.

I suppose the slickest setup would be to pipe TSN's video and 1150's audio both through DVRs, and synch the two up with whichever has longer delay.

Apparently an unpopular opinion, but I'll share it: I'm really, really like Burris on the panel this weekend so far. He and Dunnigan work well as the QBs-to-consult on the panel, and he doesn't contribute to the yelling-over-each-other that occasionally happens with any panel. I'd be okay if he did this for the rest of the season.

And you work for the league, so we expect such.

Unpopular, yes, but also predictable.

I get why Rod Black grates on everybody's nerves. But what is your problem with Glen Suitor. He has been around the game for decades and provides knowledgeable, even keel colour commentary.

Care to elaborate on the hatred for Suitor?

Yup, Hank is the definition of "hypocrisy".

As I recall, when TSN panel first made the annoucement, Climie and Stegall both said exactly the same thing as this, but avoided the “fraud? and “hypocracy? descriptions. Due to circumstances, not just choice, I haven’t seen Burris as yet, other than a post-game wrap up with Rod Smith. He actually sounded rational. Maybe doesn’t see fit to bite the hand that feeds him?

What really proves Hankie's supreme arrogance is when he states "how many franchises I have turned around". Unbelievable. Never heard anything so self centred in any sport at any time.

I also noticed that he keeps his hands in such a position so that we can all get maximum viewing exposure of his big prominent Grey Cup ring.

Glad I was at the game and didn’t have to listen to this terd?

8)Even keel commentary from Suitor you say ??

Ha ha, that's harlarious !! The only good things he has to say is whenever Saskatchewan is
playing !! It's pathetic the way he praises them constantly, and his never ending love affair
with Regina !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I've watched for that but in a recent game there was a controversial call or play in favour of the Riders and Suitor did not sound biased and claimed that they did not deserve the call. Suits is not even remotely close of a homer compared to how Darren Dutchyshen behaves when showing Rider highlights or during Grey Cup weekends.

The (ring) looks about as phoney as his personality. Remember last seasons finale, when prior to the start of the game, Hank was hurt and the Ottawa starting QB was in question. We all saw Hank limping around, wincing.
Come kick off, he's ready to take the field.
Typical Burris, in the event of a loss, he could blame it on a bad wheel and therefore poor performance. If they won, he would field anything the media could throw at him. Oh how he played through the pain!
Pre planned and methodical.
Our household is glad his football 101 is over, and we won't need him next year because we know everything now!

How about getting a mangy cat on those broadcasts. >:(