I noticed the very same thing on Friday as mentioned in this article from the Edmonton Sun football writer.


TSN TROUBLES: Without a doubt, TSN has done wonders to help market the CFL and often presents a much better broadcast than CBC - but this past weekend was not good for Canada's leading sports network.

The first game of Friday's doubleheader involved Calgary in Hamilton, but the first on-air scoreboard during the telecast showed B.C. playing against Calgary.

During the second game, the taped halftime interview with Rider coach Danny Barrett was badly out of sync, with Barrett's lips not coming close to matching the audio.

But the biggest faux pas was in plain view on the main page of TSN's website during the Rider game.

The Boston Pizza-sponsored on-line poll asked the following question: Who is the outstanding player on Saskatchewan this season?

The choices were Marcus Crandell, Eddie Davis, Nate Davis, Corey Holmes or Kenton Keith.

Holmes is now playing in Hamilton, while Crandell is now the backup quarterback. Not surprisingly, the poll was no longer visible in the second half after somebody noticed the mistakes.

For the most part I like the TSN broadcasters and panel, but their production crew needs some improvements. They often don't cut the camera away from sideline interviews to the live play. And sometimes they come back from commercials too late and also miss some play. They have started that Safeway ad earlier during kickoffs though so that we don't have half the screen blocked during the return. Nice to see that they are able to adjust to some criticism.