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Matt Dunigan

Just want to say how much more I enjoyed TSN's CFL broadcast with Matt Dunigan as the colour man, more Dunigan please! :thup:

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Have to agree!
Matt D... brings a bit of that, FOX NFL style of Twang and Swagger, or that Terry Bradshaw "Southern" Good Ol Boy style to the Broadcast....which Up Graded the game, to another level.
Definitely agree.......Matt D has found his calling, in the Broadcast Booth.
He was so much better, than what we have had in the past!
Great Job TSN........you have found the next "DANDY DON" Merrideth!

Honestly thought he was hammered even before that belch with 40 secs before halftime. :smiley:

Lions/Bombers thread in the CFL forum (mentioned) that the burp was picked up from someone near a mic on the sidelines.

dont tell the children, they get off on believing it came from the booth