TSN broadcast team 2013

The first is a Riders broadcaster. Believe me if the situation was reversed he would not have called it with any excitement. The second is Cuthbert and to say you want anyone over Cuthbert......well you lost me. He is one of the best in any sport.

Substitute an Australian made wine or vodka. If Hamilton's offense struggles you won't remember by the end of the first Q anyway. :lol:

I was just about to post exactly the same comment. Must be something in the water down in Texas.

There are a lot of great "Dandy Don" quotes visible on the Internet, but my personal favourite was from a blow out game in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Frank Gifford was reading the usual "This game is a copyright telecast..." disclaimer when Don broke in to drawl that, "Heck, it's 45-3. If you want it (the game), take it."

There are a ton of play by play guys better then Cuthbert. Adding excitement can be done easily in a neutral way. You just have to see the glory days of the CBC’s HNIC. Plus now days it would be oh so easy for the channels to offer secondary audio where you could select the radio broadcast for your team.

First, Cuthbert is one of the best on air right now. Easy to say "there are a ton of guys better", back it up with names.
If you are going to bolster your opinions with the "glory days of HNIC" I hope you are going back to Foster Hewitt. Please tell me you aren't banking your opinion on Bob Cole, Harry Neale or Dick Irvin. I'd rather Rick Jeanneret and Pierre MacGuire (double Dion era Pierre).

One thing I noticed, I tape Sportscentre every night, the 1:00 am show, and watch it every morning. I think this is the first time in a long time the CFL game highlights were shown after the Blue Jay highlights and both teams lost and the Argos were playing in Toronto and, of course, TSN doesn't air Blue Jays games. Hmmm... Now of course if you're looking at why that is the case, well the easy answer is there are a lot more Blue Jay fans then Argo fans in Toronto and area and s Ontario so why not put the Blue Jay highlights first. Like I said though, that hasn't been the case for Sportscentre from what I can see for the most part. :?

Gord Miller > Chris Cuthbert

Also I wonder if Dave Randorf could do play-by-play at some point, but he seems comfortable in that studio.

What's with that John "Shoe" Lu for the home games in Montreal?

Maybe his shoes are still getting better, but damn that birds' nest on his head sure is looking awful.

Someone please explain.