TSN broadcast team 2013

Ya shocking comments really. Tom Cochrane is Manitoba through and through. I thought it was brilliant and honored the Province and city tremendously. Well done.

and a really neat pass and catch with Dunigan and Stegall.

Hey, that's my theory too!

I intend to play the Rod Black Drinking Game this coming week. I expect to be a total mess by the first quarter stats.

Too bad he's always paired with Dunnigan, who can't put a sentence together without stuttering.
I'd like miller to be paired with Forde and let that team call 2 games a week.
Forde sounded improved this week because he wasn't paired with rod black.

dumping on dunnigan is totally assinine.

Why? :lol:

so it's ok to dump on Tom Cochrane, but not Dunnigan?
and i didn't dump on Dunnigan. i'd prefer him to stay on the panel. he's simply not a good colour-guy.

People are ragging on Dunigan for stuttering when the guy's concussion issues are known to have affected his patterns of speech? Stay classy... :roll:

Why put him on colour when concussion issues are known to have affected his patterns of speech?
It's not just his stuttering that makes him bad on colour: he is boring and sounds nervous. He makes up phrases and makes Chris walby sound good in comparison. He's not terrible, but he leaves a lot to be desired. He is the 'rod black' of colour commentary.

He's the best colour man in the CFL. He knows a lot about football and is fully capable of providing specific insights on a given play. But TSN has clearly told him to be Mr. Generic just like the rest of the broadcasting crew. Can't cater to non-casual fans or the sky would fall... :roll:

Personally, I have no problem with his pattern of speech.

He can be entertaining at times, I'll give him that.
I remember that preseason game last year, he called out rod black for his 'man crush ' on giguere. Haha

We still have a chuckle at the house over that line. :lol:

..and also this past weekend when Kackert breaks through the DLine for a 57 yd TD and Dunigan says, "Kackert splits it, spit out like a watermelon seed."


He reminds me of the oldie but goodie MNF color commentator Don Meredith who had a similar whimsical and folksy vernacular.

Are you playing the Australian version? Chug a Fosters every time he mentions that Bartel is the Aussie Rule kicker.

Rowdy Rod needs to educate himself just a little, Bartel's played North America football at a higher level than Aussie Rules where he never played a game in the AFL. Time to drop it Roddy.

If I had my choice to keep just one guy on the entire TSN CFL crew it would be Matt.

Dunnigan is fun. He loves the game, knows the game (Duane Forde tune in and see how it's suppose to be done) and he's enthusiastic no matter who wins.

I'm with you, Dunnigan has to stay.


I would like it if sometime near the end of Matts broadcast career, hopefully many years from now, we the fans could give him an award of appreciation for the fun and entertainment, on and off the field.

I wish we had done so for Lancaster.

Nope. Can't stand beer. Never could. I'll make a mental note of the amendment, though, and incorporate it into my spirit-drinking...at least until I reach the point where I forget I've made an amendment...

I wish the play by play was a little more "excitable". It makes a huge difference in how the game is perceived.

For example this:


instead of this:


If you want strong color commentators you need to tune into the radio. The radio needs this because of the lack of seeing it...you won't find this very often on TV, because, well, you can see it.