TSN broadcast team 2013

nice to see long time veteran Brian Williams in the mix..

[b][u]Broadcast Team[/u]

TSN's CFL coverage is anchored by veteran play-by-play announcer Chris Cuthbert and game analyst Glen Suitor. Also in the booth are seasoned play-by-play announcers Rod Black and Gord Miller and game analysts Duane Forde and Matt Dunigan.

Throughout the season, Brian Williams brings fans in-depth features and interviews with key newsmakers during CFL ON TSN broadcasts. In addition, TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor breaks down the hot button issues impacting the league across TSN platforms.

Dave Randorf returns as host of the popular CFL ON TSN panel, alongside analysts Jock Climie, Dunigan, Chris Schultz, and Milt Stegall. Joining the panel this season is analyst Paul LaPolice, with the former CFL coach providing video analysis of teams in the new segment Coach's Playbook.

Returning this year is the 3 Downs quiz segment, which features the CFL ON TSN panel delivering definitive opinions on a variety of topics and issues surrounding the league - all through a fun and interactive multiple-choice quiz format.[/b]


Sounds great i belive TSN saved the cfl from folding which CBC i think did not care about,

The best thing about that blurb? Not one mention of Rod Black.

yea but he'll be there, come hell or High water.

TSN just can't see the point.

“Also in the booth are seasoned play-by-play announcers Rod Black”…guess you missed that part haha

AAAAARGH, MY EYES!! :oops: :thdn: :lol:

I don't mind Rod. Not an all-star like Cuthbert but few are.

In other words, just more of the same. Yawn. I hope the games are good.

Remember last August when the Olympics were on and Black and others were doing Olympic coverage they brought in a play-by-play guy from the US, he seemed to do a pretty good job. Does anyone remember his name?

Not sure if he is from the states or not, but I believe he is the Raptors guy. Don't know his name though. I agree that he did a good job. Kept to the game, left the crap about Aussies and hoop sweat and all the other extras out of it.

I didn't miss it. I haven't stopped laughing. Rowgy Roddy must have scandolous picture/video of someone at TSN if he still has a job on CFL broadcasts. :lol: :lol:

…Not to mention, our ears!

Matt Devlin. I definitely wouldn't mind them using him more, especially since basketball doesn't start until late Oct, early Nov.

Also glad to see Randorf back hosting the panel. He's my drinking buddy. LOL

Gord Miller blows both of them away.

Ask him about Jeff Kent. :wink: He'll know what you mean.

I did not like the format in today's Peg/Als game. The half time coverage was terrible. The two bit band and the lead singer did not belong in half time. I do hope TSN will not again present us with a half time featuring this type of entertainment. Some summary of the half with some football analysis should form the basis of a half time show. Instead we got the two bit band, some bluejay notes, hockey news took up too much time ,as did the remarks about golf, the upcoming NHL draft etc. Pretty bad show TSN. I do hope in future that half time discussions will be the norm and, we won't have another focus on everything but the CFL. For gods sake, keep the damn hockey news our of football games and, don't fill every silly moment again with the Jays, golf news etc. And please, no more two bit bands!!

Sorry, but Tom Cochrane is a pretty darned big name out of the province. Pretty respectable gig for a week 1 halftime show.

I assumed they only had the halftime act because they were opening the stadium. :expressionless:

Tom Cochrane two bit! Wow, that's a new one for me when speaking about a legend. :thdn:

he may be a legend, but he has got nothing left vocally.