tsn broadcast crew

What's everyone's opinion on the Tsn broadcast crew. I personally like Cuthbert and Suitor. On the other hand Rod black and especially Duane Forde I wish they would find another sport to broadcast.

I'm not minding Cuthbert and Forde. Forde isn't a boring in that pairing. Black... he must have some incriminating evidence against the higher ups at TSN.

i like cuthbert, he's by far the best at football and hockey. he has chemistry with suitor. I like when miller and dunigan does games also, they make it fun to listen too.

Duane forde? not a fan, its apparent to me he is very much a ticat fan and makes it obvious. Perhaps keep him from doing ticat games and he'd be dealable but basically when doing ticat games, he's not so much a color commentator as he is a cheerleader.

Rod Black.. lol, my question would be.. is anyone a fan of rod black cuz i have never met one.

Cuthbert and Suitor are the best in the business, all sports period.

Duane Forde to me is the most boring guy on all of sports broadcasting to listen too.

I am so sick of same old same way!!!!! I wish that each pairing only did one game a week... And I wish that there was two panels as well.... I am so sick of Randork and Schults... Dunnigan wears on me too, the way he has to contradict everyone just for the sake of an argument.....
Cuthbert is the best in the business (BC is going to the Grey Cup!!!!!) but including the NHL I hear his voice 100 times a year.... Even he wears on me after awhile.

how do you feel about your wife's voice???

Cuthbert and Suitor - A+, as good as it gets on TV. Gord Miller pretty good, Forde getting better. Black is just hopeless. Don't much care for Randorf or Steagall, but Schultz, Dunigan and Climie are ok. Brian Williams just tries too hard to be earnest. Time to retire.

Cuthbert and Suitor are clearly the best duo but the new pairings of Cuthbert/Forde and Black/Suitor are way better. Forde is benefitting from being with Cuthbert, he now has more to say other than "Yeah, absolutely" although he still has the most boring broadcasting voice. Suitor is actually making Rod Black more bearable because Black/Forde sounded like they should be calling high school games. I listen to Suitor though and I can't help but think he must hate Rod once the two are off the air. Miller/Dunigan should be on more as well.

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Everyone is pretty much the same as in the last few years and overall quite good but for one guy.

Duane Forde is still pesky in slow time and just tries too hard to come up with something interesting in terms of analysis. Otherwise he's alright.

We in the American audience are at least spared the likes of Rod Black, learning absolutely nothing at all in the offseason apparently, for the games on ESPN2 or NBCSN.

Rod Black is great because you don't even have to read the paper during the offseason. He will just tell you what happened 18 times during the regular season.

How many of you would also like to just either b-slap or sucker punch Rod Black just so they can "tack on" 25 yards to a no yards call?

Fixed it for you. 8)