TSN broadcast content is too busy

Just finished watching the Stamps/Tabbys game. Looked good for the Tabbys at first but…

Anyhow, my post is not about the game but about the constant interruptions during the game to interview players; in today’s case, newly-minted Canadian Football Hall of Famers.

I don’t want to come off sounding like a horse’s arse and an ingrate. I love history and I have a deep respect for the old guard who contributed so much to what the game is today. But…there is a time and a place. Conducting interviews of current and ex-players and whomever, while the game is in progress, is NOT, in my view, the time.

TSN has been doing this all year and it is aggravating as hell. It was particularly bad today and one interview in the last quarter seemed to go on and on and at the expense of the game coverage.

I wish the hell that TSN would just set aside time slots between quarters and during the half to do this. Or is there something about the broadcast that I should be aware of? Is someone going to die if they don’t fill up every single second with interviews and narratives?

Am I being an unreasonable ingrate or is anyone else aggravated by this?

…I dislike it as well

I have to agree with you. I thought the same thing you did. Wondered why they didn’t do the Hall of Fame interviews, etc. during half time.

I wasn’t watching on TSN because I was at the game. But I suspect the reason they did not do TV interviews at halftime is because the players were on the field being honoured through much of the halftime.

I have said it before and I will repeat it here…
There are TOO MANY tv commercial breaks during a game!
I especially notice this when attending the games.
Seemingly EVERY possession turnover is treated as an available tv commercial break.

Therefore, for TSN to fit anything into the broadcast aside from the game, it must be done at half time, or DURING the game.

Very annoying.

They should’ve added at the end or before the broadcast a nice feature story with all the inductees .

Another missed opportunity by TSN .

Should have not done such a rushed and over lapping feature while the game is on .

I think you have a network devoid of anyone who knows how to assemble a proper football presentation.

Combine that with the Town Know-it-All (Black) not knowing how to do a solid 90 sec. interview; generally foaming on for 10 to 12 minute babble-fests and you have a recipe for viewers abandoning the casts.

TSN is paying the half-time hosts enormous globs of loot so they want to get their money’s worth out of them - so the only opportunity is prior to kick-off, during extended injuries (unscheduled) and post-game (where the main problem is the network’s total eagerness to get away from football and onto another one of their paid properties!

My other suggestion is to have the inductees sit-in with the horrid broadcast crew for the better part of a quarter - and have the hosts inter-mix questions with commentary from the inductees about the actual game they’re seeing.

The solution is to package these interviews/segments into a dedicated program that you could
use to promote the league.Bring back CFL 30 but make it 60 minutes instead.You can then in turn
sell this program to ESPN as part of the ESPN+ coverage.Sell to DAZN(They are in Japan,Germany,Italy).
Bell Media will recoup their cost associated with the program.Just get it done.

Great point. Could have easily been done and as you say a great way to sell the leagues history

I forgot to set my PVR when I headed out for the game but I thought in the TV listings I saw something about a 30 minute program at 3:30PM ET yesterday pregame that looked to be about the inductees. Maybe I read that wrong.

This is an excellent idea.

I actually created a thread on this same subject a short time ago. It's as annoying as hell.


Talking over the action should be considered as much "poor form" as a radio DJ talking over the intro of a song.

I blame it on this phenomenon called "storytelling." Producers are afraid of 10 seconds of action going by without a story. Reporters aren't reporters anymore, they're storytellers. Marketers want everyone on SM to "tell us your story." ::slight_smile: Guess what? I don't give AF about your story! I do not tune in to watch/listen to two events happening simultaneously. Just give us the PxP with the action, and then brief interviews during breaks or at halftime.

I do have more time for CFL HOFers though!

TSN’s web-site is too busy as well. Less is more.

What is “SM”?


With regards to most sports & political sites, ASM

Anti-Social Media is more like it . . . .

Bingo !....My mute button is the most used on the remote.

It would not be so bad if when they are interviewing someone, they still showed the game instead of us watching 3 guys holding mikes up in the studio. Funny that there are NO commercial breaks while the interview is going on. I've never seen any, maybe there are.

The Brent Johnson interview was over five minute long. We missed a lot of the game and the announcers don't let us know what is going on.

I too am ASM. I don't know facebook or twinkle or tweeter and that way nobody knows what I think of them and I never get into trouble. I also don't care what anyone thinks of me. Too much gossip and soap operas today. Everyone telling you how they feel...Try to imagine how little I care... I also have no need to take the Interweb with me everywhere I go. When I leave my house, I leave my computer and TV behind.

It was Rod Black so he probably wouldn't be telling you what was going on even if he wasn't doing the interview.

watching the Giants/Eagles game last night, I noticed how after Erin Andrews was asked for some input, she started to answer, then when the next play was quick to start, she immediately stopped, waited for the play to be over and for the guys in the booth to tell her to continue before she did.

Very professional.

Plus I noticed, in many games, how brief the sideline comments usually are.

TSN should get Erin to give pointers to their guys.

P.S. - Stegall, shut up.

And it just happened again…

Sarah Orlesky couldn’t wrap up her sideline piece in time. The result? No play-by-play of the Nichols to Adams long bomb touchdown…just her yapping. ::slight_smile: