tsn broadband

is anyone ese having problems viewing games live on tsn. I was able to watch winnipegs pitiful loss in TO and now haven’t been able to find or watch a game on tsn.ca since.

Only friday night games are available for live streaming.

thats pretty bunk

Is that true? I've either gone to all games this year or saw them on TSN as such hadn't need to hit broadband like I did last year. If that is the case that is horrible, but can somebody confirm it? If TSN did that it's a burn on themselves so I just dont see it happening.

yup only friday night games are available
plus 1 on labour day and the playoffs


Thats retarded. I guarantee CFL gets more viewership than even their NHL expanded contract games. HNIC theme and all.

that really sucks. i try to watch the games online when i am on break from work but i guess it comes down to watching less games this year.

Jeez....with bad mike placement in the saskatchewan/calgary game, black and ford not knowing what quarter the Toronto/Hamilto game was in and now this. Competition looks better all the time. Bring CBC back

Yet viewership is up 19% over last year. I guess people are pretty happy they don't have to suffer through CBC hatchet jobs this year.

Yes....credit viewership being up because of TSN. In fact let us credit attendence being up on TSN and why credit TSN for the scoring going up.

If you really think that the number of people watching the games has increased solely because of TSN you need to get a life. I suspect the reason more are watching and more people are attending games is the quality of the product.

It's not the only reason, but it's the main one. I'm sorry but I don't see a 19% increase in viewers due to 'quality of product'.

In fact imo, the quality on the field has gone down this year. The 3 largest markets, Toronto, Hamilton, and BC are struggling as far as wins go, so you certainly can't expect an increase of 19% due to people wanting to watch borderline (BC and TO) and losing (HAM) teams.

TSN's coverage is way better than CBC and they advertise the hell out of it. That's where the bulk of the 19% comes from imo. Better coverage and better promotion.

You, my presumptuous friend, have no clue as to what my life is.

You should READ CAREFULLY what people write before answering - it really does wonders for the quality of your replies. To wit: Did I write that I thought "that the number of people watching the games has increased solely because of TSN ?" Hmmm? Did I? NO I did not.

What I did suggest was pretty straight forward; viewership is up 19% and from that we can pretty easily extrapolate that people don't seem to mind TSN too much, or that TSN certainly hasn't HURT viewership compared to last season (during which half a game after a storm in Regina was cancelled in favour of a movie because a senior CBC producer forgot to give anybody is new phone number).

So regardless of your contention that mistakes perceived by you would have somehow been less likely to happen had the CBC been a competing network, people haven't seemed to notice, or if they have they don't seem to care enough to stay away.