TSN Broadband Free??????

Is this true???

It is free, but you get what you pay for.

I tried watching the Lions/Argos game last night on TSN Broadband, and it was unwatchable. It would play for 3 seconds, and then pause for 15 minutes

That's perfect.... my internet connection is way too slow so I bought capture software and I will just watch the games a day late. Where I live no one cares about the CFL so no can possibly ruin the game for me =)

im watching for free online right now...muHAHAHA


why not?...its free

Dont you have TSN and a TV?

do they show replays of these games on tsn broadband??...anyone know?

id like to watch the last qtr of the eskies / bombers game from last nite.

They did last year. I dont know about this year.

wake me up when this game is over..Booooooooring

and just as i say that, KJ drives the offence and caps it off with a TD...LOL

YES...u can watch replays of games on broadband..nolonger any need to tape games..woot woot.

that would be either your computer or your net connection.. not TSN's feed.. i watched the second half of the BC game and the full Esks game and never once had an interruption in the connection... played smoothly for the full 4.5 hours..

that being said.. "you get what you pay for" is somewhat true.. as the resolution is not the best... unless i missed a button to switch it to high res... but it was still fully watchable.. and it was still better than the basic CFL stream.. but not as good as the CFL hi quality stream...

also the audio was off.. the game audio was quiet.. but the commercials would hit and they were about 5 times louder... had to keep turning the volume down

is calvillo done?...0 points thu 3 Qtrs is not the cavillo we've come to know.

heck, even old-man damon allen had more points thu 3 qtrs.

now calvillo has thrown 2 picks, and damon didnt throw any....hmmmm....if damon is done, then maybe anthony is too.

I had hoped that I would be able to watch the tsn broadband feed here in the U.S. but I can't. Fortunately I was able to catch yesterday's games but I am sure that ability will end soon.

ANOTHER calvillo INT....he has more thrown more picks than completions....

alouettes were pathetic...last place als.

ticats can claim first in the east with a win tomorrow....but that wont happen..haha

winnipeg all alone atop the east with 1 point...lol

I watched the bomber eskimos game and I had one glich for a second. I agree with a previous person that the commercials were to loud and that they kept rotating the same commercials over and over again. They should find a couple of more sponsors.