so apparently one of our key additions is wr chris davis and apparently hefney was a cornerback last year..

do these guys even have a clue or what?


RIDICULOUS season preview

the part that gets me... the first paragraph really

"This season is the first step in a long road back to respectability" long road? they realize like in 07 we were in the cup final right? like seriously, why does tsn hate the bombers so much?

A little harsh perhaps and the Hefney thing is pretty embarrassing, not the kind of mistake you'd expect for the leagues broadcaster.


Lets be fair. It is a long road back to respectability. The disruptions over the last two years have rendered the team to embarrassing status. You know it, they know it , we all know it. That doesn’t mean they can’t bounce back and the article points to that. I see no hate here, just the truth. Relax Kim. Everything is that is not glowing isn’t hate.

If it were up to you Killer, we would just forego the season and award the Bombers the cup right now. If anyone says anything negative about the Bummers they are instantly a moron according to you. Fact of the matter is the Bummers were a gongshow last year, and when you run a gongshow, it's a long road back to respectability.

for sure chris, keep trollin trollin trollin.. seriously why come here if ur just gonna talk crap from what? 5000 miles away?

Would it make a difference if I were your neighbour?

Well, to not even know what position the Easts top rookie played last season is pretty moronic, don't ya think ?

And to say that the Bombers have been on a long road back to respectability, when they went to the GC in 2007 and hosted the ESF in 2008 is well, just plain wrong. 2009 may have just been a blip on the radar.

2 glaring errors that jump off the page before you even get into the article, shows that whoever put the piece together couldn't have given it much thought.

The article said they ARE on a long road to respectability not HAVE been
They are on their third head coach, third GM, second president after running the last one out,10 QB, and god knows how many running backs in the past 24 months. I’d say it is fair to say they are striving to regain respectability.
That is not to say they are not going be be respectable, but c’mon here.
I love the Bombers but, geez…lets not be so sensitive and label every one who comments against the fantastic as moronic or trolling.
Being a fan does not mean we cannot be observers of a game we love.
The Bombers ARE on a road back to gain respect.

Oh, I agree that killer may have over reacted a tad, but he was correct in what he was reacting to.

There was no need to even suggest 'the road to respectability' just because of one bad season because of a wing nut at the controls. The team still had a shot at second in the east on the last day of the season.

A disappointing season, sure, but to suggest it's been a chronic issue, is just wrong.

So you disagree that they are on the road to respectability? That the COMPLETE overhaul is just a blip.

Yup, pretty much.

Look at '05, Daley was a blip, '09 was no different.

Okey dokey then…
I guess we differ here. In 05 firing the coach compared to 08-09 and the complete overhaul are quite different but set the table that there has been a scattershot plan. Not to mention the vitriol that attacks players there. And to keep trolling accusations at bay I like the Bombers.
In my circle there are two organizations that have lost respect…Winnipeg and Toronto.
Both thankfully both are seen as on the road back to respectability. Winny closer.
enjoy the season.

edit to add: enjoy the Baskets-Provincial team? special time…been there.

Yeah and your point is? Again worry about you Kitty Cats and Not Our Bomber's because it's not long now until we show the Cats who is the better team OUR BOMBERS, Kitty Cat fans better be prepared for another off year but i guess you are used to it considering last season you were only 9-9 and barely made the playoffs ahead of our Bombers. 3RD place is in the future for the Cats and be prepared for the Bomber's to destroy the Cats all season.

Also, last year was last year, done, over with, distant memory so why even bring up last year we already know about Kelly and the Horrible Bomber's last season, Kelly is gone and LaPo is in. New player's, new playbook, new attitude, so in hindsite the road to respectability begins this season.

The point of the this post by the way was about the media making dumb comments and of course they are all going to say that we will have a bad season once again, i guess they will be in for a surprise as well. How can a reporter say that Davis was our only key addition? That is just wrong, what about Pierce, Jyles, Ball, Jeffers-Harris, Strickland, Butler and so on. As for Hefney he will be missed but that is the nature of the CFL game and we have some pretty good DB'S on the roster that are pretty good, maybe not as good as Hefney, but you never know because Hefney was a HUGE diamond in the rough last season, we may have another on the roster already.

You contradict yourself alot.

he may contradict himself but atleast he isnt a troll. seriously dude… worry about ur own team and if u were my neighbour id say cut your darn grass u fool.

this topic was in regards to the tsn article yet u still get people coming in here and talking junk. seriously, like… why do some of you need to come into every post and just… totally crap on people here.

seriously i dont get it at all.

im done here for a while cuz its just… its not worth it.

pre-season has started, last year is last year… like pigseye said in 07 we were in the cup final, 08 we were in the east semi and lost. last year we sucked and everyone knew it. but last year is irrelevant as is 07 and 08.

seriously i make a comment that the tsn guys are morons and then people come in here and probably dont even read the article and talk junk again?


Last year was a farce, but to say any team in the CFL ever has a long road to respectability is a bit of a misstatement. Its an 8 team league where 6 teams make the playoffs, and teams lose players each offseason to the NFL, particularly this year where some teams lost more than 1 player. Losing one or 2 key players in the offseason can weaken a division rival, adding one or 2 players can completely upgrade your team. Unless the team sticks with bad management, there is no reason why a team can't manage a turn around from one year to the next.

Do you even know what the word contradict means? If so humor me and explain how i contradicted myself, i think your smoking something when you reply to the Bomber fans forum.

I think you guys need to lighten up on the Hefney thing.

He played db, they said corner, is it really that big of a deal?

Actually Hefney played both CB and HB last season!!

its not a big deal really but kind of a stupid mistake to make with him being the eastern nominee for rookie of the year. and probably should have won it.