After one of the most controversial finishes of a game that I can remember, you would think tsn could have sparred 5 minutes for a post game. They couldn't even be bothered to show a replay of the clear pass interference on the second last play of the game. If this was a bluejay game you can bet they'd be falling all over themselves to get interviews and blab for 20 minutes.News Flash for tsn cbc doesn't do games anymore so Chris Walby and Greg Frers are available to do color.Duane monotone Ford and Glen vanilla Sutor have to go.Rod Black should stick to figure skating, he sucks.

Nah, there was no interference.

The defender had position on Bauman and the ball was overthrown.

Rod Black stated that we haven't heard much from Chris Bauman this year... Ford had to quietly remind the figure skating guru that Bauman was in his first game.

Duane is OK and will get better but Rod Black likes to hear the sound of his own voice and tends to blather at times... he should stick to skating and all sports that involve makeup and frills NOT contact.

Duane is very good. Like Schultz, he provides a very interesting inside perspective to the game.

I'm not too sure about Black either, for football or baseball, for some reason he reminds me, as you say smog, of a figure skating guru who loves that sport, I think that's his real love. And there's nothing wrong with that BTW. :wink:

Agreed. Rod Black is an excellent figure skating commentator and if that's what blows his hair back then good on 'em.

rod black and his porn stache need to stick to figure skating, equestrian, and all those other amateur sports that he’s used too, keep him away from raptors, blue jays, and cfl.

Add me to the list of people who think Rod Black sucks. Not a fan of Duane Fords either.

Ok i said it on here last year and even sent an e mail to TSN saying please please put the down and yds to go in the little box in the bottom corner before the ball is snapped on every play. It is so distracting when it comes at the same time as the quarterback gets the ball. And as far as Rod Black goes while Hamilton was lining up on the one yd line ready to score after Lumsden had just got us there, he talked through the play, praising Riders quarterback for the great game he had.

naaah, if he is that bad, then all the more reason he should do raptors and blue jays

Which sucks. But someone had to talk about the riders since the halftime panel was dedicated entirely to the ticats. :wink:

How many times did Black say "third string quarteback Durant"..sarcasticly during the game.. :x
I was ready to jump thru the T.V....But that would hurt..so I didn't.. :lol:

Black is brutal, but that play was not interference

DO NOT GET WALBY OR FRERS OR ANYBODY FROM CBC! All of their games last year were unwatchable. TSN has much better coverage and personalities than the CBC!

I liked Khari Jones. Agree with you about the others, especially Walby.

Walby was the worst. Complete idiot!!! in fact the entire CBC crew was awful especially Mark Lee!!! there was no interferance but there was illegal contact, if the ball was a little more catchable we'd have a beef.

While not a play by play guy, and I would miss him on Radio --Ron Lancaster would fit well with TSN

I agree CBC was almost unwatchable as well, but that was because of Mark Lee's play by play.