TSN Blows It Again.

2o minutes after 4 and finally the No Fun League finishes, who cares about it.
Plus, about 10 after 4 the CTV network which showed that Chicago Buffalo crap finished and now we had two channels showing the same game.
Why wouldn't TSN immediately advise the fans to turn to CTV is you want to watch and let us see the game instead of TSN.ca.
Especially since both channels are owned by the same parent company and the CFL is the big bread winner.
TSN does stand for Toronto Sports Network.
Ridiculous and I will email my disguist, anyone else.

You missed 2 minutes of a meaningless game in which half the guys are sitting ? Not like it was the Grey Cup game ?

It's not that big of a deal, although they should have cut right to the game

TSN sticks with an NFL game, NASCAR and NOTHING on their alternate channel while scheduled Canadian content goes unbroadcast. Disgraceful. Reminds me of the way CBC use to treat the CFL. If this is the path TSN is going I hope they get outbid at contract time. I will be e-mailing ESPN.....oops....I mean TSN, with my complaint.

It won't accomplish much but it will make me feels better. :twisted:

lets see, beginning of a boring meaningless game vs OT of an exciting game. Its a no brainer.

The end of the minnisota game was as good as almost any cfl game.

You are right dc, I forgot to mention how Nascar was on TSN2, started as scheduled at 4 pm.
Why not premept this hillbilly "sport".

Meaningless has nothing to do with it.
TSN always claims how they have a contractual obligation with the NFL, surely the same is in reverse and especially when the CFL numbers dwarf the No Funners.

It was not the first time TSN has done this. What happens next week when the NFL runs late? Or the week after? TSN has a history of doing this so what makes you think it won't happen in the playoffs? I'm only sure it won't affect the Grey Cup because they have hours of pregame before, but the Division Semi-Finals and Finals? It wouldn't surprise me.

it was only a few freakin minutes. what the hell is the matter with you.


This has happened many times before, some of us here do not watch the No Funners, so whats your porblem?

This constant referral to NFL as NO Fun is completely ignorant.

Anyone who claims to be a fan of CFL yet refuses to watch ANY NFL is not a true fan of "football"

Its a very simple mind that as a fan of cfl, cannot find any value at all in the NFL

Ohhh! How exciting! Two 3-5 teams struggling for mediocrity at mid season. :roll: Soooooooooooooooo much more exciting. :roll: If you love the NFL that much switch over to NBC or CBS or Fox. TSN is just rebroadcasting their feed anyway, so it's not like you couldn't have seen that "excit......excitin........." :lol: :lol: Can't say it with out laughing hysterically, exciting. :lol:

I know it's a meaningless game but it has happened in the past! Where CFL plays second fiddle to programs like Golf, Nascar and hell wouldn't be suprised if billiards was on and they had to finish that before they play a Calgary-Saskatchewan game! This topic is just one example of the many times TSN has completely shut out Canadian content. Hey TSN you wanna be the main supporter for CFL well start showing it, or give the keys back to CBC because I'm tired of this!!! :roll: You should be ashamed and embarrased TSN!!! :oops:

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: TSN

I am cfl fan that also enjoys nfl. I am opened minded enough and a true enough fan of "football" that I can enjoy both.

My mind is not so small that I have to diss the NFL to support CFL.

The Jets also had an exciting finish today.

It doesnt matter that it was two 3-5 teams. The endgame football was still good.

It's a simple mind that cannot accept that others have opinions that differ from his own. No one is correct and no one is wrong, just different.

You seem to have a difficult time seeing both sides of any arguement.

sometimes its opinion and sometimes it stupidityclosemindednessnarrowmindednessblindnessetc

its opinion that Moon was better than Flutie
Its stupidity to say that keven feterik was better than Flutie.

on the contrary, its you people that are so quick to not see any good in the nfl and to bash TSN today without seeing it from their point of view.

If this happens next week, for more than a couple of minutes, I be on your side.

You are kidding, right?
Either that or stop drinking the No Funner kool aid.