TSN Blackout for Tonight's Game in BC

Does anybody have any information as to whether or not tonights game has blackouts in effect? I live in Kelowna BC and can't seem to find any info. on this.

Thanks in advance,


So far according to Canada.com it says that local blackouts are in effect. Don't exactly who that effects.

This should help.

The standard CFL blackout policy is as follows:
The blackout pattern for CFL games is 56 km radius from the stadium for cable television and 120 kms for conventional (CBC). There is one exception to this rule. The Province of Saskatchewan is subject to full provincial blackouts.

Lifted it from the Eskies website

You should be able to see it in Kelowna

It's just within 56km of BC Place that a Blackout should occur.

Plus they're going to have over 35,000 people.

I hope the blackout is lifted

Please keep us updated, i live in west van and really want to see the game.

Stupid blackouts