TSN bird's eye camera work

If you're watching football on TV you should be able to feel in on the action. Whoever's responsible for TSN's CFL camera work makes sure that not possible. Entire plays are filmed from so far away it's like watching an ant colony. There are times when a view that takes in the whole field is called for, but as the modus operandi for the whole show it's no go. It didn't used to be like this. They need a new camera person or that person needs some no-nonsense coaching.

I believe it may be a number of issues here. A) The sub par camera technology that is at fault here. The camera operators are only as good as the equipment they work with. The network needs to upgrade their technology. B) In their zeal to maximize revenues the camera focus has to be pushed out to accomodate the ads on the field. Therefore it's not a tech issue, it's a conscious decision made by the executive branch and the executive director's hands are tied as well. C) The executive director of the program is weak or uses worn out, age old program design decisions. For example, the game in Edmonton this weekend with few fans in attendance, they could've focused on the players and the sounds of the game with increased microphone coverage. But why do that when they already have another program for that telecast on Tuesday I think. Never have watched it. But the real problem lies in the choices the network makes regarding where investment is made in the actual telecast. They spend more on the talking heads than on technology, ie; cameras. Where as the NFL spends glorious amounts of money on both aspects. The CFL is TSN's slave because of $. The only reason we have the Grey Cup in November (this year December) is because of ad revenue, not tradition. The season should start in May and end in October. The beginning of the season is up against the end of the hockey playoffs (when interest is just percolating) and the end of the season is in October (when weather is still pleasant) and we're not watching the Grey Cup in a snow storm and having the TSN idiots tells us how incredibly satisfying the games is for fans to watch a spectacle where players overcome the elements. Who cares about the fans that froze their toes and paid $400 for the treat. In short this is about dumb greed. The smart money is in the big changes necessary to allow the league to expand nationwide. But TSN's dominance has dictated the scheduling, principally avoiding weekends during summer and Sundays when the NFL starts up and foisting Weekday scheduling on us. And negating the possibility of another eastern division team, uniquely in the Maritimes. A balanced schedule would do wonders for the league and the fans. But then again it's not about the fans. It never is; its about greed. And greed usually gets in the way of logic.

Not sure that's completely true since the Cup has always been played in late November or early December since it's inception. Long before add revenue was an issue.


Having written the original post in this thread, or whatever you call it, I feel compelled to qualify it: I just watched the Argos-Lions game (3 missed short yardage field goals in a row by B.C. - definitely need a new guy, I don't care if it was raining; and Reilly was way sub-par) and I felt the camera coverage was really good, so I have to say that while I agreed with your emphasis on the power of greed in this whole thing, I feel it can't be the whole story, because if so it should equally affect all games. In the one I just watched, it was more like old times - not the bird's eye deal at all.

Isn't the name of the game advertising revenue?

November/December would be the only time they can maximize ad revenue for the CFL with an event like the Grey Cup.

The way of running the business has to change not the schedule.

If there was an actual credible offer to move the schedule I am sure the move would have been made.

The playoffs always seem to expand the camera work . It looks much more polished visually wise .

Too bad it can't be like that every game .