TSN bias

Just watched the TSN analysis of the first half and was shocked at how they turned a positive into a negative for the Cats. Mallet for BC in their opinion was ripping it up ( 11 for 69 yds) and Cobb did not know where he should be on the field ( 9- 76 yds) What? "Porter is a good QB trying to be a great QB" according to Shultz.
How bout mention the non-TD by Simon that he dropped. Why we didn't challenge it, beyond me. And the pass interference on the Cats that was an un-catchable ball. Cost us 2 TD's. No mention here...???
Once again, no credit at all. I guess that is what we are up against until we actually win the Cup.
Any thoughts?

yesIi am hearing seeing the same thing.

It doesn’t help to win the cup. In 2008, they were still very anti-Rider. And still are.

Yes I knoticed that last week and I tell ya the best place i CFL other then our feild is you Rider Fans. Great football town . I have been there 3 for times last 5 yrs and always a great time. Cheers.


Hmmm... apparently the Ti-Cats just "stole" a game from B.C.

Well done.

I don’t think we “stole” it… i think they EARNED it… they played great!!and held on!!

I think that was her point... lol

The point is that Ticat Nation should not expect to ever get "bias" free coverage. You win, the booboo feels better. LMAO

When your team gets dynasty-like, it is impossible to not get respect even when a club is otherwise despised. Fans here notice the questionable comments and the slights because this team doesn't win much.

TIme will tell if that climate will change.

Oski Wee Wee,

I was a little ticked at Climey taking a shot at Ken Hobart's 1000 yd rushing.

TSN angers my blood.

In the 4th quarter they were already talking about a Ticats collapse and how BC was going to drive and pull out a comeback win.

Why does everyone want us to lose?

Negativity is what has kept our team down for years. It'll take a while to kill the negativity, but when we do, the burden will fall on someone elses shoulders and we can watch from a distance as a team becomes the new bottom dwellers of the CFL. Sooner rather than later would be great :thup:
The virtual grey cup challenge had most fans peg us as 88.9% to lose to the Lions. Just shows how negative the CFL has become about this team. It'll be nice not to have to pray that your watching one of the 2 or three games the team will win this season. GO CATS GO!!!!!

Let them be as negative as they want, this game tonight was a great time for all Cat fans all over Canada. We are still early into the season, They got over that 1st win hurdle against a heavy favourite, I am beaming ear to ear, I could care less what Chris Schultz and Duane Ford has to say about Hamilton.

This is our week to celebrate, and I think us fans will cherish every moment of it..

I hope the Riders just smash the Argos tomorrow, I will be sitting there anxiously waiting to see how TSN will spin the Argos bad fortune..

Same here.. I'm watching this game just to see the difference in commentating about teams!

Nobody but NOBODY wants the Cats to lose, believe me, but honestly, folks, look at how your team has fared over the past 6 years and tell me why anyone should be positive about this team before they show they can play. I know it's harsh, but the Cats have been atrocious for a very long time. Respect is earned, not given. I desperately want the Cats to succeed, but until they show me they're capable of winning more than one game per third of the season, I'm not getting my hopes up. I've been down that road before.

I congratulate the Cats for the win tonight, but last season at this time, you were also 1-1. If you want respect, your team has to put together some wins.

This is a positive starter for our team, and I think we can build from this. Onward and upward.

Last season we trashed the Argos in game two and lost a similar type game as tonights to the Riders in game 3, where Dressler got a HUGE breakaway and got it to the 1 yard line. I think we can go farther than that this year. I'm going in for 8 wins :thup:

Those talking heads on TSN should analyse each game as it comes along not judge the team on past performances that is for the fans they are suppose to be professional.Jock Climie didn't seem to know much about Ken Hobart but took his shot anyway, I don't think Hobart would know much about this clown either. :rockin: :rockin:

I’ve never liked Jock’s TV skills. Besides… it’s hard to listen to a guy who’s named after something that’s used to protect ones “boys”.

Wait till at Milt it will only get Worse.. All he talk about next week is Bombers this and Bombers that