TSN better show the game soon...

Or they're going to have a lot of very upset fans. Can they not cut away from the last 2 holes of golf to show the start of the game?

Right on cue :slight_smile:

CFL has sunk to an all time new low delaying the start of the game for Tiger Woods.

Nope its back to golf....They say they are holding off the kickoff till 7:45 and we should not miss anthing!
This is a crock!

You can say that again. Not to mention it is only the second round of the golf.

It's GOLF! What the hell? :lol:

Well, I guess it works out well for me. I still have a bit of work left, so hopefully I won't miss to much. :slight_smile:

Edit with a warning! I WANNA WATCH CFL!

Golf stinks (actually I stink at golf, but thats beside the point). I've always said that the only reason it gets decent TV ratings is because people fall asleep before they can change the channel.

What about the fans sitting in the Dome or the players who have already warmed-up and now are standing around for 15 minutes?

Golf: televised and hyped so fat, old white guys can delude themselves into thinking they're athletes.

You do realise that we will miss a good part of the first quarter of the next game as well

We better hope for a quick first game.

They can wait around for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

But nah, ro brings up a good point. This game will probably cut into the Win/B.C. game, which is really the game I want to see.

My post came out with stars. Didn't know **** was offensive.

Yes, **** is offensive. lol

I think they didn’t want to cut away because Tiger Woods had a chance to set a record, and perhaps because of sponsor reasons.

Kickoff usually happens between 7-10 minutes after scheduled anyways, im just happy we only missed the kickoff.

Looks like this wasn't as easy a win for the Riders as I thought it'd be. From what I saw it was pretty close the whole game.

And what the hell was with the Toronto player running backwards? He lost about 5-7 yards. Smart! :?

I was having flashbacks to the game in Edmonton when the Riders led 20-1 at halftime and lost when they went up 17-3 and the Argos charged back and made it a game 17-13 there.

A couple of bad mistakes really cost the Argo's the game, with Levingston you usually offset a good play by a boneheaded play and that theory held true.

I can't argue with a solid road win though :wink:

This game was over in about 10 to 15 minutes less time than usual. Did TSN run fewer commercials to get back on schedule for the next game?

I noticed that as well. I think that whats happened