TSN/Bell Completely Blackball CISF/ Vanier Cup

Not even a mention of a game today on Sportscentre.. They showed US college hilights that litterally draw flies for TV ratings for them, but nothing on the Vanier.. To find anything on their website, it is buried three clicks away.. You have to go to "other sports" then to CiS.
I condem Rogers all the time for treating the CFL this way because it is not their property. However, atleast Rogers shows the hilights briefly.. Bell's treatment of the CIS is shameful and they should be embarassed of themselves.
Not to beat a dead horse, but once again, Canada is the only country in the entire world that a forign product would be promoted instead of its own... The crazy part, is that there is more interest in the CIS in Canada then there is in the NCAA... The TV ratings that TSN produced two years ago, prove this.
I have lost lots of respect for Bell because of this, and it makes you wonder how they would treat the CFL if the league ever signed with Global or heaven forbid Rogers.

Rogers only showed highlights because the game was on their network!!! :roll: :roll:

I think what Bungle is say is that Sportsnet does show CFL highlights at least even though it is not a Rogers property - but that today apparently Sportscentre showed NCAA highlights but not Vanier Cup highlights.

Correct me if I’m wrong Bungle - but i think that is what you are saying.

When sportsnet shows CFL highlights, it is usually buried toward the end of the program after they show Leafs or Jays highlights 3 or 4 times. Once it was after exhibition NFL games.

Maybe there were no highlights of game on TSN because Sportsnet did not allow them the rights to show them.

This would be the ONLY reason to give TSN a pass on excluding the Vanier Cup on Sportscentre.
Otherwise, I agree with Bungle - SHAMEFUL!

I have TSN GO and I couldn't find any scores or any coverage at all on their site yesterday. The only result I could find was on these boards just after the game.

Terrible. These sports station are just as bad as FOX in the states. Just shoving their agenda down the publics throats. Not impartial to anything.

Disappointing but not really surprising. Bell has taken a page out of Rogers' book. There's an old saying, "Be careful who you choose for your enemy, because that's who you'll end up most like". Looks like that's what happening here.

But after watching yesterday's game - very entertaining, full house and a surprisingly good production by SN - I'm hopeful that SN will see the light and restore regular season coverage either on 360 (good) or the main network (better). If the CIS can get its act together and have regular interlocking games counting in the standings perhaps Rogers would be more willing to have regular telecasts. Shaw does a decent job with CW games, there's got to be a way this could be done to the satisfaction of all parties.

Actually, Vanier Cup highlights were on TSN sportscentre!!! So.once again, Bungle bungled this one!!!

Just saw the lead-in for Vanier hilites on TSN.

:thup: :thup: :thup: I totally agree...better yet where is the CBC

TSN Sportscentre often leads their sportscast with BJ news, even if it's only a minor player transaction or a former BJ signing with another team, which apparently is HUGE in Toronto. So I don't think TSN is playing Rogers "we only promote teams we own" type of game.

Vanier Cup ratings dropped 60% last year after moving from TSN to SN. The game also wasn't a sellout with an announced crowd of 22,xxx. Good game though! While the SN production values were acceptable, the announcers were terrible, often shouting into the mike with their gravelly hard-to-understand voices.

Bingo, learned from Rogers that's the way to do it, that's why I find Sportsnet boring because the CFL is my no. 1 league I want to watch highlights and discussion about and don't watch Connected or whatever it's called. Way too much Blue Jays stuff, one team, don't need to know what a bullpen pitcher eats for breakfast. But at any rate, TSN Sportscentre did show Vanier Cup highlights although some hour segments are different than others especially for the products they don't carry in this case CIS, they change it up so you have to watch more than one show. Smart move. And maybe the CIS told them to shove it, animosity, we don't know how relations are between the CIS and Bell to be honest.

I actually quite like Micallef and Morreale as a play by play tandem. They used to do many of the OUA games on the The Score before it became Sportsnet 360. Micallef actually called the games for about ten years on The Score. He also used to be the Ti-Cats radio play by play guy 2004 - 2006.

And I think Mike Morreale does quite a good job as a colour guy - and he still is one of the most popular Ti-Cats alum in these parts - being one of the guys to lead the Cats out on to the field last week at the EDF.

What I find interesting is during the game, Sportsnet kept commenting that the game was soldout, or comments like, " they patched them in here". The game was 3000 short of a sellout, at 22,000 and change, which is a great crowd, but when the Al’s draw 22,000 Sportsnet calls it, Well short of a sellout, too funny