TSN backs down on CFL pre-season broadcasts

Six pre-season games were scheduled to be televised on TSN or TSN2 in 2013, but that has been reduced to potentially only two games, possibly due to NBA playoffs.

It's ok if you're an Esks fan:

Fri Jun 14 Saskatchewan at Edmonton 9pm/6pm TSN2
Fri June 21 Edmonton at B.C. 10pm/7pm TSN

But I think I can speak for the rest of us when I say: BOO!

NBA playoff games usually garner miniscule ratings in Canada.

this is a mistake.

....I don't understand why they can't put these cancelled games on tsn 2 at least...Why is it that we seem to be low-man on the pole when it comes to priority. Is there some eastern media mogul pulling strings. I think this stinks...they can take their basketball and shove it. :thdn: :twisted:email these guys with your concerns I say..

I really enjoyed the preseason last year.

because their efforts are focused on NHL which is running late

I remember when we never saw a preseason game, so if that's all that's pre-empted, I can live with it. I don't like it, but they better cover the regular season over any other sport or else !!!!

before tsn started showing preseason games, opening weekend had amazing ratings of over 1,000,000 viewers and the ratings stayed in the 750,000-850,000 range all season.

since tsn started showing pre-season games there's been a troubling trend, where the preseason games draw very high ratings, only to see that momentum die after a couple week. then the ratings become sub-par in the 600,000 range all year.
my only conclusion would be, pre-season games take away from the prestige of opening weekend, and perhaps fool some people into thinking pre-season quality is what should be expected from the CFL all year, or they get tired of even more of the same match-ups week after week? i dunno if that's the case, but you can't argue with the trend.

i'd prefer preseason games to be shown in tsn.ca only.

Will they be at least shown on tsn.ca??

I can get down with that.

Big, big mistake!
Family and friends ratings for the NBA versus real numbers for our league.

CBC always has the Stanley Cup finals so the last NHL game TSN could have is June 12 if the Hawks and Kings go 7.

I'm disappointed as well. Unfortunate whatever the reason.

Actually the NBA conflict doesn't hold water. The finals start on June 6 so they don't need TSN and TSN2 to show the games. There's an NBA game schedule for June 13 which is the same night as the Hamilton/Montreal game and, if the series goes to 7 games, there is a conflict on June 20 when 3 CFL preseason games are scheduled. There's no apparent reason why they couldn't broadcast one game each on June 13 and June 20 on TSN2.

Never thought of that. Interesting why this is happening then.

On TSN1 the scheduled TV viewing that has bumped it is:
June 12 - UEFA European Under-21 Championship 2013 - Spain vs. Netherlands
June 13 - NBA finals game 4
June 14 - US Open + Sask/Edm are at the same time as BC/Cal...they chose the 1st one.

Perhaps they want to do some analysis on what it does with ratings prior to the big contract kicking in. Once that new deal starts getting paid for they will want to optimize things.

That's really pathetic. Now unless you're a season ticket holder there's no chance you'll see your team before the regular season kicks off. It kills some of the hype and the excitement. If you're not in a CFL city you gotta wait almost a whole month longer now because TSN treats the league that they have exclusive rights to broadcast as a second class product. Really disappointed.

1 - You do not need to be a season ticket holder to attend a game, especially a preseason.
2 - The NFL and most other leagues do not broadcast all of their games, especially preseason.
3 - Their is always the radio, because it is clearly really important to you.
4 - TSN treats it 2nd class...Really? As far as I know this was the first time there was ever live coverage of Draft day. Who put that on again? Who was it again the refused to carry the local blackout policy again? Who was it again that just blew peoples minds with the TV deal? TSN has shown more preseason games in 3 years than CBC would in a decade
5 - One could very easily argue that not seeing the games (which are generally sloppy anyways and can turn some fans off when they see that) and merely seeing the scores and a couple highlights builds hype even more...wetting the lips so to speak. You know...much like movie teasers.

....First of all...I hate lame excuses....Look what we're up against as far as broadcast priority...I don't see much..Secondly if you're a media outlet that has won the right to broadcast a certain entity in sports, don't you go all out to promote it at any time you have the opportunity... especially when you have a brand new 200 million dollar stadium, in the league, that you have the chance to showcase... I don't care if the preseason play is sloppy as you say. There are players we have not seen before that fans are interested in... would like to assess in their own way and seeing them in game action would give them that...Also this is not the first time we've seen our draft televised...It's been happening for a few years now... TSN has stepped up for this league but in this instance I think they've let a lot of people down and blown it... :roll:

Silence by the league on this is very telling IMO. TSN just does not want football competing with its NHL broadcasts. Let’s face it a number of Canadians would choose to watch a CFL game over an NHL playoff game between two American teams. So they don’t want to cannibalize their own ratings.

Obviously NHL playoffs take priority over any pre season games from any sport and very small minority would watch a pre season game over play off hockey in a country that hockey is clearly the most popular sport. TSN is doing every regular season game, that is the important thing. Most of the Exhibition games are not all that marketable, especially the first games. After the 1st q , it's no name time. The average fan isn't going to care , who the 3rd string Right guard is . Pre season is a necessity for coaches and most players . Yes the hard core fan will eat up the pre season games. The average fan does not and just wants the season to start and the games count. Saying all this, i'm going to the pre season game in Winnipeg, can't wait.

actually all nfl pre season games are broadcasted, if they are not on a major network they are shown local, every team has a local affiliate, ala the nba and nhl

If it's about the NHL playoffs as people mention, I totally get that. That is the priority especially when you think what any network pays to broadcast NHL playoffs.