TSN at it already; as no pre game

Well it didn't take long for the network to again disrespect the league.
Yes I use the strong word disrespect and especially since the CFL is the biggest property for the network.
Yesterday but that was a day ago, we had the pre season shows.
So the first game of the year, all that hype and no one half hour pre game show.
Why not, well the NBA draft and who cares as only family and friends watch this crap.
Why not move the NBA to TSN2 where it will draw flies as well.
All telecasts for the 81 games should have its own pre game unless part of a doubleheader.

Just want to put this in perspective:

TSN ponies up a huge amount of money to be the exclusive broadcaster of the CFL.
An amount that supposedly could put EVERY team in the black.

They broadcast an hour long feature the night before the opening game about the upcoming season.

The opener competes with the NBA draft where up to 7 Canadians could be drafted in the first two rounds, and possibly the first pick for the second year in a row, so they choose to broadcast this potentially significant event.

And you are upset with them for not having a half hour Pregame show?

Okay. :roll:

TSN pre game show on TSN Winnipeg radio

You are making my point.
The NBA draft will not draw 100k viewers regardless of how many Canadians are drafted.
It should have been on TSN2 throughout.

This is also the first week since TSN started Friday Night Football a decade ago that there's no Friday game in the regular season schedule. TSN was trying to establish Friday's as an appointment CFL game-night. Why are there games at noon and 3:00 pm on Saturday but no Friday Night Football? :cry:

Does the league have any responsibility for not having any programming input?
I would have demanded the FNF each and every Friday and definitely a pre game show before the games.

Probably your choice of words regarding your view of TSN's programming decision doesn't sit well with me.

I am not a basketball fan at all, and I don't care about the draft. Personally, I also wish they put the NBA draft on TSN2.

But, I think they felt there might be more interest than usual because of the potential number of Canadians who might be drafted.
We can disagree with their decision since we don't care about the draft, but to say they are being disrespectful of the CFL after what they've done for the CFL is wrong IMO.

Gotta go. The game's starting!!!

Good question Xvys - I wondered about that myself - then noticed tomorrow is the NHL draft on TSN.

Meanwhile over on what TSN now headlines as the NB-eh Draft on their website - two Canadians taken in the first eight with Wiggins going number 1 and Mississaugan Nik Stauskas going eighth. That is really remarkable for the sport of basketball in Canada that in the best best basketball league in the world Canadians have gone #1 two years in a row with tonight a second Canadian being picked eighth tonight. That's fantastic!

Combine that with how many Canadians will go early in the NHL draft tomorrow, Raonic and Bouchard both winning easily in second round matches at Wimbledon today, the CFL kicking off, the Blue Jays in first place - it is a good time to be a Canadian sports fan - of all kinds of sports - which I am! :thup:

Ok maybe that's good for the 2 Canadians drafted, but who cares.
By comparison how many Canadians play in our league at a very high level?

It's all about ratings and a CfL pre game show would still beat the NBA draft regardless of the Canadians being drafted 4 to 1. I do agree the word disrespect is a little strong

Well ArgoT - hopefully there are a lot of Canadians playing Canadian football at a high level in the CFL since we are the only country that the game is played.

Exactly, the priority here with the huge viewing audience for the CFL versus a niche family and friends only for the NBA, draft or games.

Fair enough - but I think it is a noteworthy achievement for a sport played around the world and a sport that is among the most popular in Canada at the high school and university level - to have two Canadians picked in the first eight in the draft. Wiggins will easily become one of Canada's most famous and popular athletes. Heck even when he was in high school he drew the biggest crowd ever to watch a basketball game at Mac here in Hamilton. An overflow standing room only crowd of thousands at Mac for a high school game that was so big the Star described it this way.

The whole crowd was up, throbbing. This was the sort of party fire marshals are hired to ruin — people sprawled into the aisles, sitting on the stairs, leaning in windows overhanging the court.
Having lost the NHL to Rogers you will see TSN playing up basketball more. Nationwide the NBA will never be as popular as the CFL - not even close - but you may get slightly better than friends and family numbers if Canadians shine in the league and Raptors compete.

"Why would TSN broadcast a show related to sport X, which I don't enjoy, instead of one about sport Y, which I really enjoy?" Did I get that right?

We're not talking about the delaying the broadcast of an actual game. And what they broadcast was a live newsworthy event for a high profile league, an event involving a number of Canadians. I suspect that TSN crunched the numbers, and determined that there are enough basketball fans in Canada to make it worthwhile to broadcast the draft. And maybe having Canadians drafted that high could increase that number, so they decided to throw the spotlight on it.

It was only the first hour of the draft that was on TSN. As soon as the Argos-Bombers game started, they switched the draft over to TSN2. (Raptors are up now.)

How many pre game shows does the NFL have?
Way over the top and starting early Sunday morning and at least one hour prior during the weekly games.
Meanwhile the TV numbers are greater on TSN for the CFL then the NFL.

....Disgraceful for the beginning of the CFL SEASON....NO PREGAME...You crapped the bed on that one tsn,,,AND for a basketball draft...What a load of b.s. :thdn: :thdn:

I’m thinking it might be a marketing thing. The CFL market is close to saturation; increased promotion isn’t going to increase viewership much (except perhaps in Toronto). But there’s a lot of potential for increasing NBA viewership, and featuring a few Canadians being drafted high could bring some of them in.

The NFL pre-game shows you mentioned could just be because they’re low cost, picking up US feeds in a lot of cases. Or maybe it’s just because there are a lot more teams and games to talk about than for CFL.

Tyler Ennis picked 18th. Three Canadians in the top 18. Wow - as a basketball fan - never thought I would see that happen. Surely that must bode well for future Canadian Olympics teams - doesn't it?

MLSE know they are at the NBA draft not soccer. They just picked some Brazilian guy Sports Illustrated did not even have ranked for the draft. lol

Not to mention the fact there is nothing on Sunday morning. There is absolutely no competition for tv ratings when the NFL day starts off.