TSN as bad as CBC

The coverage of the Calgary game was fine. I had no problem with it. How do you make a 55-24 game interesting? Calgary was the story and deserved the attention they got.
I have also never noticed any bias in any of their CFL coverage. They zero in on what they see as worth commenting on.

TSN has given the league coverage like it's never had before. CBC never covered every game. The CBC sucks one Billion dollars from us taxpayers every year. It adds no value to the nation and is an expense we can't afford.

And Glenn keeps on proving this season after last year's stinker in the playoffs that Glenn has trouble in big games against good defenses. I still don't believe he's the QB to lead us to the Cup. I don't know who is but I don't believe Glenn is it

Akt, you have to be kidding right? Glenn's play last yr. and this yr. for the most part has been awesome. Last yrs. loss in the play-off game was not his falt, but a defensive blunder. If you recall it was Glenn who marched the team down field to get the game tied up with only a minute left, a game in which he threw for 450 yds. When we went to overtime it was the Defence that let the team down, not Glenn.
Glenn has set new records this yr. over taking the great Danny Mcmanus for most TD thrown in a season. This Sat. Glenn will likely throw for over 5000 yds. in a season.
The problem is there are 42 men on a team, their are coachs who frankly are suspect on this team. E.G. a head coach not wanting to deal with a quarterback controversy late in the season regarding the number 2 + 3 postion. Frankly I would change Porter to 3 for one reason, send the entire team a message that his level of play is not good enough. Marcel is making a huge mistake by not dealing with this. If Porter fumbles the ball in the play-offs on the one yd. line again and the cats lose, you will be the first to find a way to blame Glenn.
The biggest problem with this team is fans like you.
Since you enjoy bashing the greats on this team why not go over to the Winnipeg site and see how they have enjoyed the past two yrs. since they got rid of their star Quarterback, Glenn!

The Cats without Glenn are…the Argos. If the Argos had Glenn instead of Lemon they’d be well above .500. He’s a legit candidate for league MVP and he’s only 31. Many good years to come.

An Argo-Cat fan

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TSN > CBC re CFL coverage in recent years. My take. I still shudder when I hear echoes of Mark Lee calling a CFL game. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to see Gord Miller do more CFL telecasts. Cuthbert is still good as a play-by-play guy, but he's slipped a bit IMHO since he was with CBC.

Black? Don't get me started. Or more to the point, don't have me continue...isn't there an "This Intergalactic Week In Ice Capades" he could be exiled to?? :wink:

Dunigan is excellent with Miller as the colour commentator -- they clearly have a rapport and Matt is insightful beyond his usual folksy description of what is happening. People slag Matt and Schultz from time-to-time for various perceived biases, but they provide far more insight over a weekend's work than you can get watching half a season's worth of NFL Today, etc. etc.

Suitor? For every nugget he gives you, you get a cassette's worth of repetitious crapola that somehow like an Alps climber meanders back to the Sky of Blue/Field of Green centre of his universe interspersed with the recruitment spot that didn't make Coach's Corner that week.

Forde would be great on the panel. Climie would be better in a courtroom rather than moonlighting for us every weekend, but I digress. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


Not kidding. Glenn has been either really really good or really really bad. The good outweighs the bad but the timing of the bad always seems to be in the big games against good defenses. I’m not sold that he can win in the playoffs. Its not about Porter, it never has been. I’m not calling for Porter. That ship sailed a long time ago. I really have no idea how changing the backup makes any difference to how good Glenn is. Glenn just isn’t good enough in big games. We need to develop a QB to make the next level. Maybe Trafallis is that guy, Glenn isn’t. I’m not responding to you further on this subject or returning your unfounded insults because I don’t want to get banned

There IS a ceiling. Kevin as admitted as such: until he wins "the big one," he is not in the elite conversation. I would have to agree with him. He's the best of the second tier, which puts him behind Calvillo and Burris in the big picture. We shall see if he finally gets in that convo soon.

Oski Wee Wee,


In a previous thread you suggested that Anthony Calvillo was either the third or fourth best QB this year. Your other three are, presumably (and do correct me if I am wrong): Darian Durant, Henry Burris and Kevin Glenn.

So, following that logic, you couldn't possibly rank Durant ahead of Glenn since everything you said about Glenn can be similarly used to label Durant, if not more so.

That tells me that in 2010, your QB rankings would go as such:

  1. Burris (or Glenn)
  2. Glenn (or Burris)
  3. Durant
  4. Calvillo

If my assumption is correct, and you have Glenn as the best or second-best QB in the league this year, why do you think he cannot lead the Tiger-Cats to a championship?

As for your opinion that Glenn always plays bad in big games, what big games has Glenn played in since he's been in Hamilton? One? Two? Last year's playoff game for sure (and he didn't play bad in that) and perhaps the game against Winnipeg to clinch the playoff spot last season (in which he played well too).

I'd love to engage you but sadly I cannot as I don't want to get banned. Suffice it to say we disagree strongly on the subject

So where do you rank the QBs this year? I don't think you can get banned for posting a 1-8 list.

Can someone get banned for excessively posting about their fear of getting banned?

I don't think AKT would get banned for engauging use on the subject. However he might get band for his ignorance regarding the subject.
AKT, pretty sure you were the loan Porter saver before the season started, nice to see you finally came to you senses.
Amazing it took you so long when so many had been pointing out his 3rd stringer abilities the past two yrs.
Like then you have shown nothing but disrespect for Glenn, the man is who he is, one of the best QB's in the league. Does he have the odd bad game? Sure, everyone does, including Calvillo and Burris.
As far as getting blowen out by Calgary, we are not the first team to have this happen to us this yr. How about Winnipeg & Montreal, both man handled by Calgary. I didn't see any Montreal fans calling for Calvillos head.
I see a QB that has taken a team from winning 3 or 4 game a yr. to winning 9 or 10 games a yr. Plus performing well during the play-offs last yr. Something we haven't seen in Hammy for a long, long, time.
Without Glenn we would be Winnipeg this yr.
On a brighter note, just ordered 6 tickets for the play-off game. 55 yd. line.
Can't wait to see this game, its gonna be better than labour day!
Go Cats Go!! Year of the Cats!!!


1-8 this season

  1. Burris
    2/3 Durant/Glenn
    4 Calvillo
    5 Ray
    6 Winnipegs mess
    7 BC's mess
    8 Toronto's mess

Mopar. You are a year and a half late on the Porter stuff. I however am still not a Glenn fan. You are on ignore because all you want to do is make up garbage about what you think I believe in order to upset me. I don't want to get banned so I'll ignore your attempts to start a fight

ExPat as I've said before, someone is actively trying to get me banned, therefore I will respond that I don't want to get banned when I would prefer to engage someone or I will tell them I am ignoring them henceforth because I don't wantto get banned. The fact is I really don't know what set someone off and nobody has had the courage to admit it was them so I can't take any chances

Can I play?

1 Burris
2 Calvillo
3 Glenn
4/5 Durant/ Ray
6 BC's mess
7 Winnipeg's mess
8 Toronto's mess

Again, I don't want you to say anything that could possibly get you banned. But I will ask, if you think Glenn has been the second-best QB this season, why are you still negative towards him? Is it all about the 'big game' stuff? Would you change your opinion if the Cats make or win the Grey Cup? If so, I can understand, but Glenn did guide Winnipeg to the Grey Cup three year's ago, but got hurt in the East Final. Had he been playing for Winnipeg, it is very possible that they would have hoisted the Cup in 2007, not Saskatchewan.

While no one will ever be able to prove that, I do think you're correct Blogskee. Dinwiddie threw 3 interceptions (would have been 4 but Johnson dropped one that was right in his hands), and that was essentially the difference in the game. He was a raw rookie in his first start; would the experienced Glenn have made those mistakes? Doubtful, even though he has thrown his share of interceptions over the years. Also note that KJ didn't light things up for the green riders, so yes, my guess is that had Glenn played the Bombers would have won the Cup that season (and the logical extension of that is that Glenn would in all likelihood still be a Bomber and not a Tiger-Cat, and the league wouldn't have been treated to the Mike Kelly circus last season).

A better ranking would be which QB would give us the best chance to win if we could get him and not change any other personnel

My list

  1. Burris
    2 Calvillo
    3 Durant
    4 Ray
    5 Glenn
    6 BC's mess
  2. Winnipegs mess
    8 Toronto's mess

Yea its the big game stuff. If the Cats win the Cup I still won't like him but the same as Danny Mac I'll be forced to keep quiet about it. I hate inconsistent