TSN as bad as CBC

Was it just me or was the TSN covage of last nights game terrible and one sided, it was just as bad as the CBC guys that use to call the games.

They were so anti Hamilton, Galgary counldnt do anything wrong.
We had punt block, 111 yrd return and they said it was ok.Galgary makes a ten yrd pass they play it over and over, then there bakup quaterback makes a low chop bock (no flags) and his the best back up the CFL has ever seen. Jessie makes a couple of runs and all of a sudden hes better then any running back in the league.

They even said Hamilton should of got alot more penalties on every play but it was OK for Galgary to get away with it over and over.The Refs missed alot of calls on Galgary and the TSN guys just laugh about it.

They need to stop calling a one sided game. :x :x :x

I don't know if it was necessarily one-sided, but some of their comments did make me scratch my head. The Lumsden on, in particular, was really mind boggling. The guy is glass, but after getting some garbage time reps, plenty of teams are regretting not signing him? What team needs him? I can't think of one team in the entire CFL (including Calgary) that needed Lumsden.

The chop block by Tate bothered me because if the roles were reversed and Hinds had hit Tate below the knees, people would be screaming for a flag.

And the way they slurp Browner borders on disgusting. I've watched a lot of Calgary games this year, and while Browner is good, he gets away with clutching and grabbing A LOT. Look back on the replays of when he "shut down" Jamel Richardson. A vast majority of them show Browner grabbing at Richardson.

Why would the coverage be any different than the game itself?! A totally one sided victory by Calgary (BTW, I bolded the C)!

I'm not sure but I think the replays that were chosen may have been examples of how Browner is a master at the tugs and bumps. If not the refs need to wake up, because he grabbed the players jersey on every one of those replays.

The commentary that I heard was a little one sided, athough before things got away, they did say that this game could be a preview of the Grey Cup. They probably regretted saying that. It may have also seemed that way because it was tough to watch the TiCats getting thumped.


One sided coverage for a one sided game.

Browner is an example of "it ain't a penalty if they don't call it"

He plays right up to the point where they could call it, but not quite to the point where they will call a penalty. If the refs start calling the game a little differently, I bet Browner would back off just enough to avoid a flag, but he would still essentially play the same and the fans of 7 teams would complain.

Hey, every network wants Toronto in the finals for CFL, NHL and in the States New York, Chicago or LA for NBC, CBS, Fox or ABC, the way it is I'm afraid. :?

That's why the NFL is trying like mad to get LA back.

Actually I think the problem is Glenn Suitor and Jock Climmie. Thes two make me cringe everytime I their analysis of a game.
They both seem to hate Hammy and it comes out when they talk.
If the network replaced these two, it would be for the benifit of the fans that are not from Sask. and Montreal.


Regardless of whether TSN is better, the same as, or worse than CBC, they do an outstanding job considering they do it with about a third of the number of people CBC needed to telecast a game. And we, the residents of Canada, football fans or not, aren’t paying for it. I’ll take TSN any day.

All great points.

I've never had a problem with how CBC or TSN covers the game. This entire idea that some guys are biased is just too funny IMO. Jock Clime, Matt Dunnigan and Chris Shultz are great together. Its a very well balanced show. I can't say I like Milt Stegal but thats because he's not entertaining not that he holds a bias. BTW I like Glen Suitor too

It’s been said before that Suitor is a homer for Sask (and if they’re not playing any other western team), but I’m also getting really tired of Cuthbert. It seems as if he has been doing it so long that he doesn’t get excited by a good play anymore unless it’s by a team that he likes. There was one Ticat game this year when he was hooting and hollering for our opponent’s touchdown, but when a Ticat was running in to score, he almost sounded dismayed as he said something like “Lookout … Hamilton touchdown.” It also seems that Cuthbert and Suitor have a difficult time working away from their planned comments, like the stuff about Lumsden. It’s as if they don’t really read anything else or interview players about the CFL during the week, so they have little to work with when something spontaneous happens.

By contrast, Rod Black may not know the game as well as Cuthbert – and Black certainly seemed clueless about how the standings work on Friday – but at least he get’s excited when he’s watching the game. And Duane Ford seems to read everything he can get his hands on. I think Ford will only get better.

Agreed completely. I think they're great and I love their team dynamic. Looks they they are always having a blast. They've always got some interesting insight, more so than the NFL broadcasters I'd say.

I can't say I like Milt Stegal but thats because he's not entertaining not that he holds a bias. BTW I like Glen Suitor too
I'm giving Milt a chance to grow into his new job. Biut Glen Suitor has worn thin on me. I used to like his work, but not so much anymore. For me, the only must replacement is Rod Black. I just don't think he's cut out for CFL football broadcasts.

BTW, I also enjoy Cuthbert and Forde.

As far as bias goes, I don't see it either. ( excpet for the Suitor/Roughrider, thing, but I'm ok with that ala Cherry/Bruins. You know where they're coming from)

I don't know why, but I get the feeling that Jock Climie isn't very well liked. Perhaps it's just me (because I dislike Climie), but it seems that the other three have much better chemistry with each other than they have with Climie.

And if anyone can't see Climie's bias, they are blind. I don't care either way, and I'm not surprised (I know if I was on the show I'd have a Tiger-Cat bias), but it seems fairly obvious to me and the people I watch the games with.

Hmmm...methinks I detect a little of that too. Nicely worded.

Schultz, Dunigan & Forde are the REALLY knowledge guys who can put a meaningful paragraph together on the panel portion of the broadcast and it makes sense to everyone. Suitor makes so many mistakes during the game, i e naming the wrong team, the wrong player, the wrong official, the wrong stadium, you would think he puffed one before the game & at half time.
Suitor hasn't liked the Ticats since they cut his brother a few years ago. Funny thing, when his brother was trying out he was all for the Ticats, also had his brothers face on the screen every chance he could, but it didn't help as he was let go.
Randorf is not bad as a moderator of the panel but really lacks the knowledge of the ex players, he could easily be replaced as well as Suitor and Cuthbert. Also can't stand listening to his voice, must have got bullied a lot when he was a kid.
Gord Miller is the best play by play guy they have, where is he lately?

Hmmm... What about replacing Climie with Forde? Now that would be a great panel!

I really prefer the play-by-play and colour commentary of AM900 CHML. During the game, I'll mute out the TV so I can't hear the TSN nonsense and I'll crank up the radio. It's not so much that I want to hear Rick Zamperin's squeaky voice, but rather, I absolutely love hearing the commentary and analysis of the great Coach John Salavantis. Sometimes I'll listen in a bit on the TSN panel during halftime, but it's right back to Coach Sal for me afterwards! You couldn't replace his knowledge and experience of the game with anybody else!

Forde has no personality. It would be the same as Stegal. I'd prefer to keep Jock. I have to tell you I don't think any of the 3 are really good in game analysts but shine in the studio format just as I believe Suitor and Forde are better in the field. I think Stegal might be better in the field too

Just witnessed something that, if it happened in the CFL, would prompt comments like bush league, what a joke, it's second rate ..... blah, blah, blah. Not paying much attention, while doing other things, I had CBS on the TV, which had been telecasting a dull Dallas vs. Jacksonville NFL game. Ears perked up when they, after that game, joined the Buffalo vs. KC game with 2 minutes remaining, tied at 10. Because it was close, paid some attention until, six or more minutes into OT, with both teams failing to score, an announcement was made that league rules do not permit further coverage, and an American version of Dunnigan, Shultz & Climie began to fill time while obviously watching, in studio, the continuing OT I wasn't permitted to see. Many minutes later, now, reports from these guys indicate that both teams have missed FGs. Unbelievable.

I'm just grateful that TSN covers as many games as it does. The guys in the studio seem to enjoy each other and that's conveyed to the viewers (at least to me). Stegall gets some heat in this thread but as I recall, he was saying that KG could lead the Cats to the promised land long before most of the fans got on the bandwagon. Forde knows the personnel and the game thoroughly. No one else did CFL draft show before Forde.

Bias? Sometimes, I hear opinions that I think are crazy but systemic bias for/against certain teams or players---I don't see it.

An Argo-Cat fan