TSN Argos new partner?

ESPN owns 20% of TSN, so in effect they would become owners of the Argos, too. How long before CFL games would be back on on ESPN? :rockin:

Good point Xv. :thup:

There's always something out there that could be shown but then the threat could be enough.

I don't see how it would give TSN leverage to shortchange the league on a new TV deal. The Argos are 1 team of 8 who have a limited say in how things are run. I could see TSN trying to use ownership as a way to guarantee they always get first crack at the TV rights but if they don't pony up the money, there are other networks out there who will regardless of who owns the Argos.

Folks...there is one huge element to this that would be MASSIVE!!!! TSN, as well as the ESPN thing, is owned by CTVGlobemedia. Also owned by CTVGlobemedia is the CHUM radio network. The promotional possibilities are endless. CHUM radio is still a national affiliation, with I believe stations in every CFL city, as well as Ottawa.
If the speculation becomes true, this will be a great thing for the entire league.

The media outreach should already be inherent to the current TV deal. How is TSN's involvement with the Argos in particular going to open the league up to ESPN and the CHUM radio network anymore than it is now?

Maybe the rest of the media will still shun the CFL, but the 14 million Canadians who watched the Grey Cup should certainly have impressed TSN and their advertisers about the potential of the product. With TSN solidifying the Toronto CFL market, this could only help increase TV ratings and ad revenues...and help ensure these revenue streams for the long term.

As outlined, the upsides for a TSN/Argos ownership link would be enormous for Canadian football. The only drawback could be the other networks, NFL backers like SportsNet, Score, CityTV, etc, who might be even more reluctant to cover the CFL, as they would be promoting a product "owned" by their media competition.

If TSN bought 50% of the Argos, for instance, then ESPN's stake in the team would be 10%. I'm sure ESPN wouldn't mind if the Argos were popular and profitable?...and why not expose the Argos in a ESPN CFL Game of the Week, televised across North America and around the world. It costs them nothing, but makes them money. :thup:

Sportsnet at least Sportsnet Ontario and The Score don't give much to the CFL now as it is so I think those trains have gone and we shouldn't be too worried about any further fallout if TSN does end up with some ownership in the Argos.

Does anybody really care that the SCORe or Sportsnet don't cover the CFL?
Whenever I turn them on, outside of hockey on Sportsnet, there's no sport that has mass appeal.
You have your poker. Your MMA. Your rasslin'. Your dopey call in shows. Your basketball. And your baseball.
Not one sport of the above has any type of national appeal. Well maybe the rasslin.
So these guys ignore the CFL?
Who really cares?
I say bring on TSN.
It will be the start of something big.

How much of The Score do either of you watch? 'Cause I watch it regularly, and I can tell you their coverage of the CFL actually increased last season. The game highlights were always included in The Final Score, the looped highlight show, and they always reported on CFL news, such as trades, etc.

Oh, and Berezin, you forgot to mention all the CIS coverage... though I imagine you left that out on purpose.

BTW, I love how you're all about TSN buying into the Argos. I seem to remember you cursing them during the season, and saying the CBC should be allowed to broadcast games. I guess TSN isn't as bad as you thought. What a surprise.

Looking at the Argos website, I confirmed my suspicion. TSN Enterprises owned the Argos from 1994-1999 before Sherwood Schwarz purchased the team.

If they owned the team previously, what is all the hoopla about them owning (part owning) it again?

I don't watch The Score Chief to be honest, good post, maybe I should but I just watch Sportscentre 95 percent of the time.

Didn't know that Gill about TSN and the Argos, again great info. :thup:

If CTVglobemedia and all it's affiliations, became involved in the ownership of ANY CFL team, they would obviously want to promote their product and interests any way they can. As it stands now, there is media outreach as you say. But....not to the extent that there would be.
Look at it this way....the media keeps telling people how great the NFL is. People buy into it. If you now have a broader base of media telling you how great the CFL is, you have a better chance of people being willing to check it out. I can't speak about anyone else, but I know tons of people that watch the NFL over CFL for one reason......hype.
Marketing works. And as we have seen in the case of the NFL, the more marketing the better. I'm just hoping that the door opening to more marketing helps wake up some of our fellow Canadians to what a great game we have here.

I watch the NFL as well and I like all the hype and realize that we can't control the hype because 95 percent of the hype is American driven media anyways which we have no control over so why worry about this? In fact, I love this about the NFL, I love the hype it gets down there, and college ball too, it puts football on the map. Of course Canadian media follows up on that, I mean look at the stadiums and all the fans that pack the stadiums, magazines and all the coverage American media gives the NFL and NCAA. In many respects, Canadian media IS American media, we are all in the same continent and tough to differeniate media since much media crosses borders.

Now of course I want more media coverage of the CFL but it will never match the NFL just like our population will never match the US's, nor our number of radio, TV stations, number of websites, number of magazines, newspapers etc. Yes, we have to work to make our CFL as popular as it can be, it's easy to be a follower of American teams and that, it's given to us on a plate with all the media we get, not so easy to be a follower of a Canadian league since there is very little push being given to it by the big American media and that's the way it will be. I try and wear my TiCats stuff when I go out in public much of the time, not all of the time since I have other hats and coats to wear as well and don't like wearing the same stuff all the time. But I don't blame the guy who walks around with just NFL stuff, it's what he's "supposed" to do as they say, it's easy and natural for the common man to be a simple follower of American stuff and in the end they will just say they aren't following, it's what they like better. That is everyone's right and I have no problem. But I'm proud of our league here even if it's not the big NFL, I love our league and just try and keep telling people this.

In the end, I do think that TSN is now our best friend and with them owning the Argos or part again, that would be great and hopefully the Argos can get their own digs at some point, I think that's the key. And hopefully the NFL never puts a team in Toronto or Canada.

Sounds like C & S getting a partner is going down the drain and Braley will end up owning the Argos. Whether this is good or bad, I don't know but C & S don't seem to be committed or have the resources to stay on alone so I say it was nice guys, au revoir.

[url=http://www.cknw.com/Channels/Reg/SportsLocal/Story.aspx?ID=1187422]http://www.cknw.com/Channels/Reg/Sports ... ID=1187422[/url]

i was lookin online, and i couldnt find a time when two cfl teams had the same owner. im suprised its aloud... even though the teams are in different divisions, you could drain one team to strenghten the other, and vice versa... Toronto makes playoffs, but joseph goes down... the lions are going to be out, so they trade printers for KJ... i knwo its far fetched, but it does seem like a conflict. dont get me wrong, im all about making toronto a power in the cfl. i just hope they know what they are doing.

People should go watch/listen these two interviews. First one is Perry Lefko: [url=http://www.torontosun.com/sports/football/2010/01/14/12468776.html]http://www.torontosun.com/sports/footba ... 68776.html[/url] Second Is Mark Cohon: [url=http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/fan590primetimesports/~3/RNfvAl1CnNs/PTS-2010-01-13,-6-pm.mp3]http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/fan590pr ... ,-6-pm.mp3[/url]

Mark Cohon has essentially said the league is looking for a corporation to partner with Cynamon and/or Sokolowski. Didn't specify, may be TSN, may be someone else...

lefko is on crack, this is the same fool who proposed that the bills would be moving permanently into that ghetto rogers centre, and that the raptors would play games in buffalo's HSBC arena, well its 2010 and it hasn't happened, and it never will, what a joke the toronto media is, they're too damn lazy to write good stories that the only thing they focus on is pipe dream stories and overhyping brian burke.

Ted Turner owned the braves and Cnn at one time. I was thankful because it allowed me to watch more baseball and even if u dont like the team and they are always on and its fun to root against them. I used to do it all the time when the braves played the Phillies.

Sounds good to me. If there is some kind of broadcasting bias, that seems like a very minor thing, since it doesn't give a competitive advantage. If TSN did own the argos they would probably go out of there way to be unbiased since there's nothing to be gained by alienating fans of the other teams. They still want the best ratings possible.

All CFL fans want stability across the league and TSN would certainly provide it. Probably would work for TSN in terms of media exposure as well. TSN stadium does sound very nice.

And the optics would be better than one guy owning two teams. . .

Would absolutely love it if TSN (CTV) own 50% of the ARGOs. It is in the best interest of all parties. CFL rating are going up and up TSN dominates the sports scene in Canada and could really put the knife in the Score and Sportsnet. Although a lot of people do like the rassling.