TSN Argos new partner?

I have read some rumours that TSN may become the new partner for Argo owners C & S going forward. Don't know if that is any stranger than having Dave Braley as a partner.
I can see where TSN might want to step up and cover some of the Argo losses though. Toronto is a big market for sponsers Tim Hortan's and Wendy's. The CFL TV viewership numbers would take a big hit without the Toronto market. I know other parts of the country don't like to hear that but the numbers don't lie.
The Argo owners have been trying to get their CFL brothers to allow more TV money to go to them apparently without success. But with the huge viewership numbers for the CFL now, TSN may feel it is in their best interests to sweeten the pot a little for the Argos.
The big delay may be how this will all look on the surface.

the more TSN has invested in the CFL and the Argos, the more coverage they will recieve from TSN ( like the bluejays owned by sportsnet ).
im all for it....but what is your source?

That's true with the Blue Jays and Rogers, forgot about that, about the same sort of thing I suppose.

On the Ticats forum there is a link to a Perry Lefko piece about this rumour.

I don't think TSN getting involved in ownership is "strange".
Rogers owns the Blue Jays.
Many media companies own sports teams.
TSN getting involved in the league can only help the CFL and the Argos.
I think it would be a great move.

IF T.S.N owns the arg,s they will have long term stability AND ALL the T.V. revenue from the TSN tv deal with CFL should go to the other 7 CFL teams :thup: AS TSN can support the Arg,s themselves

If TSN does get involved, I would venture a guess that Rogers will skyrocket the rent price on the Rogers Centre and probably try and make it very difficult for the Argos to play there.

Bob Nicholson, TSN, Tillman, Milanovich, McPherson and a bunch of draft picks would change things in a hurry in Toronto.

…wouldn’t that mean the network would be …lets say a little biased in their broadcasts…I mean…Cuthbert and Suits would be doing most of the argo games while the rest of the league got Rod Black for most of theirs…just sayin… :lol: :lol: if on the other hand there were no discrimination towards the rest of the teams…I hope it works for them :roll:

This would be great for the Argos and the CFL. TSN could help market the Argos in a big way.

I see what your thinking but watch a Leaf's game on TSN and you will see that you don't have to own the team to be bias.
I think the positives outweigh the negatives. Would also be a nice alliance for the CFL in regards to NFL aspirations in Toronto...

I'd like to see a TSN Stadium built if that was ever possible, I just see problems with the Argos playing in the RC with TSN as an owner, money issues with Rogers asking huge rent prices. I might be wrong but I don't think so.

Well, before we start building "TSN Field", there is no rumour. Lefko only said he "guessed" that TSN could possibly be a potential Argo partner. There is no basis in fact other than Cohon said the Argos were looking for a partner, with Lefko assuming it could be a corporation rather than an individual. :roll:

I don’t know how realistic this is. However, that would be good if TSN owned the argos. Although there’d still be a conflict of interest, much like if Brailey owned the team.

If ture, this can only be a good thing.
The promotion possibilities at the station are endless and yes even a stadium, like the "temporary model" in Vancouver except we can take that and work with the Your U for a new Argos only(shared with the U) facility.

It would be fantastic if TSN bought back into the Argonauts! Dream come true for CFL fans really.

First, it would bring some deep pockets and some highly successful business talent back into the business of running the team. And it would further invest TSN into the CFL. Which as a by-product would put the Argos back onto even footing with the Leafs and Raps in Toronto. Win-win-win, I say.

And in a way, it would be a "full circle" kind of thing. For those who don't remember, back in the 80's. Labatts, which started TSN, also owned the Argos. But when Interbrew (a Belgian company) bought Labatts, Labatts was forced to dump a number of its subisidary businesses, including the Argos and Jays.

Here is a link if anyone is interested: http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com/ ... RTM0010436

This is not unheard of. The New York Rangers are owned by MSG Entertainment, which includes a TV network that has the full rights to broadcasting Rangers games. They all go hand in hand. Convergence, the marketing types call it. Its basically the same reason Ted Rogers bought the Jays. It gave him content for his TV netork.

I hope it is one of the options being explored by the CFL right now.

As long as it doesn't mean the Argos get more primetime games than they deserve (which isn't many these days :lol: ), then I don't have a problem with it.

But like others have noted, it'll finally give the Argos some stability... and hey, maybe it'll shut up some of the TSN haters. If TSN does buy a part of the Argos, it'd be pretty hard to doubt their committment to the CFL.

And if Rogers wants to play hardball then all TSN has to do is threaten to not renew any broadcast deals regarding the Jays.

People should go watch/listen these two interviews.
First one is Perry Lefko: http://www.torontosun.com/sports/footba ... 68776.html
Second Is Mark Cohon: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/fan590pr ... ,-6-pm.mp3

Mark Cohon has essentially said the league is looking for a corporation to partner with Cynamon and/or Sokolowski. Didn't specify, may be TSN, may be someone else...

True enough Blue although although the networks have to carry so many Canadian programs and what else would TSN show if no Blue Jays? Other teams in MLB? Not Canadian and not much summer CIS sports.

I don't know if TSN buying into the Argos would be all that great.

Would it give TSN leverage to shortchange the league over the TV deal thus devaluing the league overall?

I agree from a profile perspective it would be great to elevate the Argos on the Toronto sports media landscape. I just wouldn't want to see the league lose out on TV revenue because TSN is paying the Argos' bills.