TSN announces 2022 CFL on TSN broadcast schedule

TORONTO — TSN has announced its complete CFL ON TSN broadcast schedule, featuring exclusive live coverage of every regular season game, all four playoff matchups, and the 109th Grey Cup, live from Mosaic Stadium in Regina on Sunday, Nov. 20. Visit TSN.ca for the complete CFL ON TSN broadcast schedule.

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Let’s get the season started and hope for exciting games with lots of fans in the seats and excited fans talking about the CFL!


This is the same schedule they've had up for weeks. When are they going to tell us which channel the games are on? We already know all the games will be on TSN - it's part of the deal. But which TSN channel is each game airing on?

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It's disappointing that T.S.N. hasn't added any new on air talent at all. The word "stale" comes to mind. It's like they aren't even going to try.
I was hoping that T.S.N. would at least bring back Kate Mckenna (CFL Kate). I miss her.

By the way, whats up with that part about TSN's "official platforms" Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok and Instagram?
ALL of them are far left platforms. Why nothing about Pro-Freedom of speech sites like Telegram, Parler, Gettr and CANADIAN platform Rumble???

T.S.N. should also stop the "long distance interviews" with the players routine. COVID is over. This is just tedious and annoying virtue signalling.

June 16, 2022


Thank you for bringing this important observation up Jupiter2. Good job!
I have been a huge CFL fan since high school, 1975.. omg! I have also probably watched almost every game since, whether live or recorded...sorry my dear wife :blush:! And, I have seen many Fantastic and iconic hosts and commentators covering the games on CBC and TSN, who is now the primary CFL channel... thank you TSN! I think we all miss the play by play days of Don Whitman, Ernie Afaganis, and color with Ronny Lancaster, Leif Pettersen, Frank Rigney and even Danny McManus. These were household names when it came to the CFL. And even more recent, Chris Cuthbert and Gord Miller for the play by play.
Please understand, no one likes to be criticized, myself included. But sometimes people do not even want to listen to concerns if certain names are brought up or the source does not seem legit when it comes to try and make things better. I consider myself a knowledgeable fan, and I played the game myself, but not at the college or pro level. So, please take this as good criticism.
I love Rod Smith, very knowledgeable and a great Canadian guy, same with Marshall Ferguson. But these guys make me and the boys want to change channel or call it a night, or day, and go to sleep! Sorry, but if you are trying to grow this game and gain viewing numbers and new younger fans, you’ve got to get some authentic excitement into the calls. Keep Rod as a studio host with Dunnigan, Stegall and Sanchez. I even think Kate is doing fine, but honestly, you can see she has been put in uncomfortable conversations and the cameras have to go to commercial break. Dave Randorf was one of the best with Schultzie and the crew at half time and after the game in the studio. I think Dutchie would be awesome as well, if given a longer chance. He shows passion! Even James Duthie, with his crazy wavy trendy doo and all! Hey, these guys could throw and take a joke for some laughs and keep it professional. I always looked forward to half time and post-game. Sometimes, I wished they had a one hour break down at the end of the week on each game played, if you are looking for ideas and content!
As for play by play, I really think you found an upcoming star in Dustin Nielson working with Glen Suitor, Duane or even Matt. We need more household names that are solid with our games as in the past. Sorry, but Rod Smith and Marshall Ferguson are not going to be the next all-time play by play greats. If you can't grow or find more exciting people calling the plays, Please get Chris Cuthbert and Gord Miller back. They were there! Then they were gone! They had the voice, the enthusiasm and the knowledge of the game, and knew what controversies or key points to talk about. I know other people behind the scenes are helping with the conversation product, but at least these guys were close to Joe Buck, Al Michaels, Jim Nance, Troy Aikman and Tony Romo on this side of the border. Please give it sincere consideration. Take a poll with your CFL fan base!
TSN producers, try and watch a game yourself with Smith or Ferguson calling the play. For a real good test, watch a recording and start watching a game at 10 pm after your family has gone to bed! Just a hint, get the coffee out and close the beer fridge! Other than that, thank you TSN for the coverage😊

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