TSN announces 2010 Grey Cup

Apparently it's being hosted by the city of Edmonton.

[url=http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=268370&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_main]http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=268370&lid= ... Story_main[/url]

Funny how Sportsnet had this story a couple weeks back and TSN is the official broadcaster of the CFL and they’re announcing it now?

Man, I've been to Commonwealth and also from this picture the track isn't a problem at all. Some people here in Hamilton think anything to do with a track and football doesn't work and that is crazy, attending Western Mustang games over the years and at Commonwealth, never been a problem with me at all for viewing and the track at Western was great to run on as a sprinter I did in high school and on a community track team. Also allows for the stadium to be used for more events, a win-win. Not that if you don't have a track that's bad, not at all, just saying why be negative just because your seat is 12 feet back than without a track for crying out loud.

See you there

Good stuff, another Grey Cup I can drive to! That way I can save a lot of $ for beer... er I mean food and gifts. Yeah, that's it...

The article that sportsnet released was only a rumour that an "inside source" leaked. Today's article by TSN confirms that tomorrow it will officially be announced.

Back to back grey cups for me as I reserved tickets for calgary and am driving down! I'm excited!

I'm super stoked! I've never been to a Grey Cup game and as a Esks season seat holder, I'm DEFINATELY NOT giving up my tickets anytime soon. So I will be there barring any unforseen tragedys.

thats should be awsome for edmonton, how many seat are in that stadium i never paid to much attention, looks like alot. i cant wait to find out if hamilton is going to get the pan am games so we can host some grey cups down the road! i have yet to goto on e :frowning:

Once you goto one, you'll want to goto more!

Going to GCs is very addictive. :rockin:

So the pressure will be on for Edmonton to one up Calgary. I'm thinking that will be one heck of a GC.

....WIN...WIN ...for the CFL.......I hope the east isn't going to start feeling like they've been left out....There should be no worries however....The stadium in the Peg might just be ready by the next awarding of the Cup....so the east isn't going to be totally ignored..... :lol: :lol:

Actually, as the "official" broadcaster, TSN was likely obligated NOT to spread the rumour ahead of the official announcement.

I saw this the other day. Cool! I hope they put on a good show. Better than Calgary's. That shouldn't be hard to do, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll have to fly in for this one for sure. :thup:

I was going to see if my sister wanted to go since she lives only an hour outside of Calgary, but maybe I'll wait for this one. Gives me a chance to save up more money.


Dont worry about it....The east understands how it works! :roll:

Why would the East complain, anyway? They've had the last two Grey Cups.

Three if you count winnipeg as part of the east!

The east is not going to complain…The complainers are all out west! :twisted: :wink: