TSN and the CFL???

I heard from a person at TSN that the focus of broadcast has always been on the Toronto Argo's and especially after winning the Grey Cup that's granted and why not, but the focus has always been on the Argo's win or lose and will be this year as well apparently without the Argo's the CFL would die a slow death?? So get ready to hear another year on TSN of the CFL and all the top players from the Argo's and anything about the Argo's, maybe a mention this year about Ottawa as they are returning next year in 2014 to the CFL but it will be pretty much Argo talk the other 7 teams don't really exist but you have to remember even the analysts on TSN like Schultz, Dunigan and Climie are all ex-Argo's oh yah I forgot Dunigan played like two games for us before he got hurt and ended his career? Maybe it's time for new look on TSN, get a few retired ex CFL players from around the league and spread the point of view? The only one on their who in my mind is doing a fair job is Duane Forde along with Rod Black and Chris Cuthburt and of course Glenn Suitor but Glenn played for Sask so he'll have a different take like Forde who was with Calgary and Hamilton? Watch TSN this year and see how much the Argo-Snots are mentioned compared to any other team??

I doubt I'm alone in saying that, while reading your words BIGCAT, my head was nodding in general agreement until my eyes saw "Rod Black."

TSN Bias : Chapter XXXVIII

What did you think the "T" in TSN stood for?

Hey but SporTsneT as two Ts and there is even the letters Toronto right in the name scrambled. :wink:

Puurfect!! Let's Eat The Argo's Raw This Friday for Game One, new season, new players, new coaches = new opportunity for victory!!

Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats

Not sure what your problem with TSN is, I think they do a great job pushing the CFL.

:thup: Yup. Not only do they show all the games, but they also give us some pre-game stuff as well as producing series like Engraved On A Nation. There's plenty of content on TSN for all CFL fans.

I think TSN does a great job as a broadcast. Climie does show bias towards Montreal and Toronto (i'm sure it has nothing to do with playing there...lol). I think when he goes too far dissing the Cats that Dunnigan and Shultz step in and bring it back to neutral.

I think Forde is very professional and I haven't noticed bias from him or Rod Black.

Glen Suitor shows a very small amount of bias to the Riders, but, I think overall he does a good job.

Thank your lucky stars Leif Petterson isn't still around doing games, he was hard and critical of the cats any chance he could get. Not sure why, but, he was.

That's interesting considering he played for the Cats in the 80's. Maybe he just didn't like how badly the team had faltered since his playing days.

you may be correct, but I don't recall Pettersen being overly critical of the Cats, especially since he played for them at one time in his career.
then again, I can't remember what I had for breakfast an hour ago so no surprise there. :expressionless:

There is definately an Argo bias, the league and TSN will be pushing to give Toronto more exposure as they do every year. Last year the league gave a million dollars to market the CFL in the area. When games are broadcast from the Rogers Centre there will be an effort not to show the empty seats and they will not mention the attendance. The lowest attendance in the league last year and it will be interesting to see if winning a Grey Cup and the marketing money that went into the team plus the Argo bias pays off .


All Canadian TV is Toronto-centred.
However as a Tiger-Cat fan (since I was at Central) who does not live in Hamilton, I must say I have not seen a whole lot of bias towards any one team by TSN. Any hype the Blue team got last year, they deserved.
I'll be keeping an eye on the coverage this season though because I am predicting either the Blue team or the Tiger-Cats will be in the Grey Cup. :wink:

Agreed. But you do have to admit that TSN does have a tendency to focus on anything Toronto, not just for CFL, but across all sports. Hence my earlier "Toronto Sports Network" quip.

On the other hand, engaging Toronto sports fans in CFL news is a good thing for the league. Anything that increases viewership in the Toronto region means more money for TSN, and subsequently for the league in general. There is some truth in the statement that as the Argh-os go, so goes the league, at least financially.

The Schultz bias accusation is rubbish. More often than not he finds something positive to say about HAM and when he doesnt it's justified.

I agree. Any Argo versus Ticat coverage bias can explained by the fact that we won only six games last year and they won the Grey Cup. We'll fix that this season, starting Friday night. :wink:

I'm a big fan of TSN's coverage of the league. Compared to the era prior to TSN I think TSN are doing a great job. Especially important is the huge amount of coverage TSN gives the league gets on Sportscentre. Sportscentre, http://www.tsn.ca/shows/sportscentre/, is Canada's most popular sports news program by a huge margin.


True enough, Argos deserve a lot of coverage when looking at that way Caretaker.

and hasn't it always been true that the Toronto market needs a little extra push when it comes to the CFL? why not let TSN do the heavy lifting there. Largest market in Canada, and it's where the station is based. go to town.

and we usually get the nod right afterwards so long as Toronto or Saskatchewan aren't playing us. (rememeber the ESF in montreal two years ago?)

Every team gets the TSN man-love treatment.
For at least a decade you had to sit thru the Calvillo-Cahoon drek. The SSK has the best fans in the universe thing is a constant. Swaggerville. the list goes on...

Admittedly, TSN’s coverage of the NBA and MLB is totally skewed towards Toronto teams, with virtually nothing said about any other Canadian teams.

Conversely, their NFL coverage seems to focus entirely on US-based teams.