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I can't find anything on TSN for week 18 in the CFL. I wanted to watch the last game but it's not there. Even the Highlight videos have not been posted. Is TSN dropping the TSN Video Zone? :?

Have you should be posted on TSN's website, or emailed them?

TSN - We're going through some changes with our video servers and right now VOD is unavailable.
October 25 at 10:33 am

It would be good to leave a comment at the above page showing how much you appreciate the VOD service.


Didnt the games used to be live on tsn.ca? I seriously wonder why they cant do this. Is it because its considered a cable station? I can access games live on my Rogers phone but not on their site, i would think given that TSN shows all of their curling coverage live on their site the CFL would be automatic.

I sent an e-mail to TSN with my concerns over the game not being available on the video on demand service. I received an automated reply stating they got my e-mail but there was no follow up.

Thankfully the game of the week was rebroadcast last night on TSN2 between the Cats and Als at 10:30 pm. You can vote on your choice of the game to be replayed after the weekend. I voted for this game at least ten times and the majority of CFL fans did the same hence the game was back on last night. It was the only way to catch it if you missed it the first time.

No TSN was never available live on the internet unless you pay for a subscription on the mobile app.
Glad to hear VOD is down because of a glitch and not because they have ended VOD.

Good news! TSN just responded to my FB message saying that they expect the games on demand to be back up and running today with Week 18 games posted. Presumably that means that Week 19 + Playoffs/GC will also be posted.


Thanks everyone for responses. I do remember TSN.ca used to stream the Friday night games live a few years ago but have since quit doing that. I was concerned now that they were going to drop the VOD feature as well. Thanks for letting me know this is a maintenance issue. I will check regularly to see if the new games are posted.

I just received a response from TSN:

Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We are currently revamping our video player on TSN.ca and the Week 18 games for the CFL were previously unavailable. Technical difficulties may persist as we improve our video player. We are currently working to have all week 18 games available, which you can see by visiting http://www.tsn.ca/videohub/Default.aspx?collection=165

There is also a link to CFL Games on Demand in the "sports" category drop-down on the video hub.

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Thanks TSN!

All 4 games are now posted. I’m watching the Tiger cat game now…It shows much better than the videos before and they have the pregame show on them now.

Glad they are back, and especially glad they added the halftime panel to the on demand games.

Don’t like how at a commercial break, it keeps trying to go to the BC game and how the pre-game was another episode of the Troy Smith show and it seemed that the Ti-Cats could do no right, but I guess that’s expected and for the best. The team has under performed the last few years, and better to be the silent black ship that whispers it’s way to the big game, then having to deal with the hype machine pressure.

Yeah I got the same email from TSN. When I watch it though, at every commercial it resets sorta and goes to the next game which is the BC/Edm one. Very painful to watch like that.

But when I go to VOD it still only lists week 17

[url=http://video.tsn.ca/?dl=cfl-gamesondemand/latest/1/0/135954/video/857]http://video.tsn.ca/?dl=cfl-gamesondema ... /video/857[/url]

It's now at http://www.tsn.ca/videohub